JP Bommel announces a new initiative with AnyClip and Natpe

JP Bommel announces a new initiative with AnyClip and Natpe
The National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), the premier global business association for content producers, distributors, streamers and buyers across all platforms, unveiled a new initiative to open its massive video library for content distribution, marketing and monetization opportunities. In a related move, NATPE announced it is partnering with AnyClip, The Visual Intelligence Company™, as its video management partner to facilitate this new endeavor.

According to NATPE President and CEO JP Bommel, the organization is sitting on some 40-plus years of valuable video content from its globally-recognized annual conferences ranging from keynote speeches and cutting-edge panels featuring industry experts to celebrity presentations and acceptance speeches, including those made during 17-years of NATPE’s Annual Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards.
Overall the NATPE archive includes more than 1000 hours of original content highlighted by insights from industry luminaries including top studio, broadcast and streaming legends.
Remarked Bommel, “For documentary producers, news outlets or content creators focusing on Hollywood and the media industry at large, the NATPE video library offers unique video that would be impossible to replicate.” He added, “With the advent of new AI technology - like that used by AnyClip - the prospect of digitizing, organizing and preparing four decades of material for market is no longer time consuming.In fact, we are now in a wonderful position to make some of the most captivating and historic insider moments accessible in seconds.”
Said AnyClip CMO, Kirk Iwanowski, “Our objective for NATPE - and every client - is to activate and mobilize content so that it can be immediately searched, discovered and when desired, monetized. The issues that NATPE were grappling with - cumbersome file sizes, outdated formats, lack of visibility into their archive - create a barrier to entry for many companies. AnyClip’s proprietary AI technology eliminates that barrier and opens the door for NATPE to tap into a new revenue stream. What’s more, prospective distributors, producers, editors and creative agencies alike can stop scrolling and start mining the NATPE offering with surgical precision.”
Concluded Bommel, “NATPE has always been here to serve the needs of the content ‘community.’ We are thrilled to now be able to expand the way in which we do that.”
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