Beatriz Cea Okan VP and Head of Sales & Acquisition at Inter Medya will attend MIPCANCUN with a lineup of new drama series

Beatriz Cea Okan VP and Head of Sales & Acquisition at Inter Medya will attend MIPCANCUN with a lineup of new drama series
Inter Medya is heading to MIPCANCUN 2021 with a top lineup of new drama series starting from Sooner or Later, (Tarde o Temprano) a family drama in which five memebers of the Yilmaz family were murdered, except for two sisters wo have been unaware of each other for fifteen years come together and face a brutal event occured in their past. ). 

The second title is Destiny (Destino) about a girl who lost her mother suicided who tries to fight against the avversity of her tough life. 

The third title is The Trusted (La Verdad) about an ex-soldier who has left the special forces in order to open up a second-hand bookstore and spend more time with his sick daughter. His life changes when the beautiful Mahur walks into his store and their destinies will be irrevocably interwoen.

The fourth title is Scorpion (Escorpion) a family drama in which Ferda blames her mother's abandonment for all her troubles and has an affair with her step sister's husband. Its the story of Perihan Emgen, her daughter, grandchildren and her son-in-law, Firket. Ferda who was abandoned by her mother Perihan, takes her revenge by having an affair with Firket. Determined to take the life that was taken from her, she accidentally causes her sister's death, changing everything.

Other titles are Ariza focused on Ali Riza who is forced to give up his ambitions of study and works as a taxi driver to support the family. An encounter in his car draws him into a vicious mafia feud that transforms his life into a fight for survival, love and justice.

Last Summer (Ultimo Verano) about an idealist Prosecutor who refuses to collaborate with the mob.

Respect and Saygi are returning with season two, while Interrupted (Vida Interrumpida) is about a young journalist who loses his life in a accident but gets a second chance as he is back to life in order to answer all the doubts about his death.

is about Sedat and Mina an unhappy couple with a child whose life is affected by a violent event.

The last title is My Brother (Mi Hermano) about Hakan a 30 year old rock star who maked his own music without being preoccupied with being popular.

Beatriz Cea Okan VP and Head of Sales and Acquisition will attend the market and meet the clients in MIPCANCUN.

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