Two Words with Harel Josefson CEO and Founder of Volley Formats in Israel

Two Words with Harel Josefson CEO and Founder of Volley Formats in Israel

Harel Josefson is the CEO and founder of Volley Formats, a company that specializes in creating, producing and distributing original TV and web formats.Web site: 
As one of the top creators in Israel, Harel headed the Creative Development division in United Studios and later on co created with them quite a few formats that were sold world wide and quickly became international hits like Who's Asking and You Should Know.

What are your latest projects?

I am heading the Formats Studies in "Make", Keshet 12 channel's.

What's your first format  hit?

My first format created and sold (together with Gili Golan) 9 years ago was The Chat House, that was first sold to MTV India and became a massive success.
It was the first format to use avatars, creating a virtual interaction between the contestants- what seems to be the hottest trend in the industry these days.
Other's biggest hits is Who's Asking (Co-created with Igal Shilon) that was sold in dozens of territories, and has just celebrated 1000 episodes in Switzerland with a new commission of a 7th season.
Another international hit in the making, that generates a lot of interest world wide is Date In Reverse- the show marks a huge success in South Africa going forward to yet another season.  

How did your work was affected by Covid last year?

Covid19 had a strong effect on the market, and broadcasters are leaning towards well established brands such as X Factor, Survivor, Married At First Sight and Masked Singer. But in the near future, I believes, as the global markets will come out of the stagnation, we will see lots of new, exciting and ground breaking formats.

What are your next projects?

I am working on two brand new formats - a game show with a surprising twist and a singing competition that will will be reflecting social media trends. Stay tuned!