La Scelta di Maria will be broadcast by Rai 1 as a tribute to the Unknown Soldier

La Scelta di Maria will be broadcast by Rai 1 as a tribute to the Unknown Soldier
Rai 1 will broadcast the docu-film La Scelta di Maria on Wednesday, November 4, 2021 at 21.30 as a tribute the National Commemoration of "The Unknown Soldier"  who fell in the Great War  buried at the Vittoriano in Rome.

The movie tells the story of a woman, mother of Antonio, a young lieutenant who died on the battlefield and never found,  who was called to choose the body from the eleven representing the fallen on the various war fronts in Italy. A week earlier, on October 28, during a heartbreaking celebration in the basilica of Aquileia. The monument in Rome become the Unknown Soldier Tribute.

One hundred years after that burial at the Altar of the Fatherland - Thursday 4 November in prime time - Rai1 premieres the docufilm directed by Francesco Micchichè "The choice of Mary", starring Sonia Bergamasco in the role of the "mother of Italy", Maria.

The cast includes Cesare Bocci, in the role of the Minister of War Luigi Gasparotto, and Alessio Vassallo in the role of Lieutenant Augusto Tognasso, the docu-film traces the political, social and human story behind the birth of the Unknown Soldier. By integrating the story with precious vintage repertoires, original animations and a series of "reconstructed interviews" with the protagonists of the story, "The choice of Mary" wants to offer the new generations a human and profound portrait of those who have experienced a story firsthand unprecedented history and represent the moods and emotions of an entire country, deeply shaken by the destruction and bewilderment generated by the Great War.
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