Pompei Eros e Mito is the new film documentary produced by Ballandi, Sky Arte and Nexo

Pompei Eros e Mito is the new film documentary produced by Ballandi, Sky Arte and Nexo
Out in cinemas only on November 29th, 30th and December 1st, POMPEI. EROS E MITO directed by Pappi Corsicato, who recently also signed the documentary dedicated to Julian Schnabel. Produced by Sky, Ballandi and Nexo Digital, in collaboration and with the scientific contribution of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and with the participation of MANN, National Archaeological Museum of Naples, POMPEI. EROS E MITO is a journey that guides us back in time for two thousand years. The myths and characters that have contributed to making this unique archaeological site immortal, which UNESCO has included in the list of World Heritage Sites, are laid bare. From the love story between Bacchus and Ariadne in the famous Villa of the Mysteries to the ambiguous relationship between Leda and the Swan, from the gladiatorial fights to the desperate search for the immortality of Poppea Sabina (second wife of Emperor Nero), the docu-film will on stage and will also analyze the lesser known and more secret sides of the city. The same ones who in the eighteenth century led the Catholic Church to hide some of the most scandalous and gory artifacts recovered during the excavations.

Leading us through the streets of Pompeii will be an exceptional narrator: the award-winning Isabella Rossellini. His presence and his voice will accompany the spectators in an elegant and tight journey that will show how the myths and the works found have bewitched and influenced artists such as Pablo Picasso and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The re-enactments of myths in a contemporary key created by Pappi Corsicato also enrich the path between history and art: Bacchus, Arianna, Teseo, Leda, just to name a few, wear modern clothes and are suspended in a time that belongs both to the past and to the present. , to show how much the legacy of Pompeii is still today a continuous source of artistic inspiration.