IEM presents entertainment TV formats to the global industry

IEM presents entertainment TV formats to the global industry
Impact Entertainment Media (IEM) is reaching out to international media with its brand-new entertaining TV formats that truly raise awareness about social and environmental issues and inspire viewers to get involved in change.

The creative house and production company, based in the UAE and the Netherlands, is pioneering programs with purpose, ranging from docuseries to reality TV and competition shows. IEM has presented these original show concepts at MIPCOM in Cannes, 11-14 October.

With a global shortage of content for networks and streaming platforms and rising demand for entertainment with social impact, IEM will provide and produce programs to help fill this gap. With award-winning creatives onboard, IEM has over 45 innovative show concepts in creative development, including dating shows with a difference, adventure, impact investment and climate-conscious competitions.
IEM Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer, Kim Guillemard says: “Our mission is to make a difference and to do that, we have to put entertainment front and centre. Only content that really engages people can create awareness, inspire the will to change, and bring about a fairer, safer and happier world.”

“At IEM, we want to celebrate the good being done in the world as well as the challenges that still need to be tackled and solved. We’re not trying to change people. We are trying to inspire them to become part of the change.”

“I’ve been to the World Economic Forum, to Venture Capital Forums, to conferences and talks galore. Some of these are brilliant, inspiring and insightful. But no one has really figured out how to make large numbers of people understand, engage and take action. That’s the purpose of social impact entertainment – which may easily become the fastest growing niche of the entertainment sector.”

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