Sustainability In Product And Packaging: The Maya The Bee Eco Trend Book

Sustainability In Product And Packaging: The Maya The Bee Eco Trend Book
Studio 100 Media with its renowned and popular brand Maya the Bee is taking the next step in its mission for environmental protection and sustainability. Together with PACOON, a leading agency in Central Europe specializing in package design and sustainability, Studio 100 Media has developed an international "Maya the Bee" ECO TREND BOOK. The aim is to inspire licensees to take the first steps towards more sustainable production and responsible use of the resources available today and for the future.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their own responsibility for environmental and climate protection. For families in particular sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of their everyday lives and decisions. Recent studies show that three-quarters of all children are interested in or want sustainability. The majority of families would like their preferred brands to offer sustainable products, and most would also pay extra for more sustainable products. Yet, it is often difficult to distinguish environmentally valuable products from those that are not. It thus makes it clear that brand direction and positioning are essential to a more environmentally friendly way of production and packaging, especially in terms of design and materials.

Studio 100 Media has recognized the signs of the times and wants to face up to the responsibility it bears through Maya the Bee as an international family and children's brand for future generations. Together with PACOON they have developed a unique style guide. The ECO TREND BOOK provides licensees with background knowledge and thus orientation and shows innovative ways to produce their products in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way in terms of design, packaging, and materials. Ecological packaging design is preferred by consumers, as shown by PACOON's studies. The experts from Munich and Hamburg have already demonstrated many times how more sustainable packaging concepts can be communicated correctly. In addition, the experts direct and motivate consumers to adopt holistic concepts that generally offer savings potential of more than 10% across the entire process chain.

Packaging designed and produced according to the ECO TREND BOOK also reflects many core values of the Maya the Bee brand: naturalness, nature, curiosity, liveliness, care, and attention. An all-round positive attitude to life can therefore be conveyed directly via the POS. The "Maya the Bee" ECO TREND BOOK is now available to licensees and will be supplemented over the next few years with implementation examples and additional artwork for other product categories.