Fuji's 'Iron Chef' heads to North America

Fuji's 'Iron Chef' heads to North America
Filmrise has signed an exclusive deal with Fuji Television Network, through its distribution arm Fuji Creative Corporation, to bring domestic and international audiences the hit Japanese culinary cook-off series Iron Chef. New York-based FilmRise has secured all SVOD and AVOD rights and will also present the series on its FilmRise Streaming Network.

Iron Chef is a legendary brand and the true godfather of the modern cooking competition format,” Max Einhorn, senior vice-president of acquisitions & co-productions at FilmRise said.

Fuji Television Network senior manager Masaru Akiyama added: “Iron Chef was a groundbreaking series, inspiring eight highly successful international editions. By partnering with FilmRise and plugging into their streaming network, we will be able to seamlessly reach our loyal fans and create new fans.”

Japan’s Iron Chef features top chefs with almost limitless supplies of exotic and expensive gourmet ingredients. The competition, hosted by Chairman Kaga, introduces a secret ingredient that the challenger and the chosen Iron Chef has to incorporate into every dish. Each chef presents their dishes to a panel of judges who rate the dishes to crown a winner.
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