The TV Division of UniFrance presents two showcases on Animation & Documentary

For the return of international TV professionals to Cannes for MIPCOM, the TV Division of UniFrance (formerly TV France International) is presenting two showcases to highlight the creativity of French TV content. The focus this fall will be on animation and documentaries, with six flagship programs.

Monday, October 11 from 4.30pm to 5 pm : UNIFRANCE - I LOVE FRENCH

Esterel Room followed by 15 min “meet the speakers”

Go Astro Boy Go, presented by PlayBig
An « eco-conscious » comedy adventure. Astro Boy lives in a different world to the original Astro Boy. It still needs heroes but not to battle evil robots. The welfare of Planet Earth is at stake here. inspired by Osamu Tezuka's own beliefs (e.g. respect for animals, our fragile Earth, and the world around us). This series is a call to action Building upon the strength of the existing Astro Boy IP. Go Astro Boy Go is about Team Astro saving our planet... and how kids can gain a better understanding of their world and how all natural phenomena, including them, are connected in the
web of life. Who knew saving the world could be that funny?... A Tezuka Production - 52 x 13'.

Imago, presented by Newen Connect.
Imagos are magical creatures born when magic and a child's imagination meet. They serve as companion and protector to the children.Zayn is a kid who's always dreamed of having his very own imago. His wish comes true when he awakens Azrokh a powerful imago and guardian of a magic lamp! But with great power comes great responsibility. Zayn will embark on an amazing journey with his friends Awa, Zora and Kemi, who have their own imagos. A production by La Chouette Cie, Riez-JLA Group - 26 x 22'.

Edmond & Lucy, presented by MIAM! Distribution
Edmond the squirrel and Lucy the bear cub are raised as brother and sister in a majestic chestnut tree they call home, a kind of radiant city of the forest. Playing and growing up in the heart of nature, unravelling its mysteries and
living adventures in the great outdoors... What a wonderful life! Edmond & Lucy (52x12’) is a real time CGI preschool show that reconnects kids and their families to nature. Commissionned by France 5, the program is adapted from the
worldwide selling albums illustrated by Marc Boutavant. Production has started in 2020 through MIAM's brand new real time CGI studio in Paris for a delivery in summer 2022. Presales are open, RTS (Switzerland), SVT (Sweden), TV5 Monde (French speaking worldwide), VRT (Belgium), MTVA (Hungary), and SYN (Iceland) are already on board!
A MIAM production ! Animation - 52 x12'

Tuesday, October 12 from 2:00 to 2:30 pm: UNIFRANCE - I LOVE FRENCH DOC

Marguerite Room (Riviera 8) followed by 15 min "meet the speakers”

➥ If you Kill, Call me, presented by Terranoa
A unique access investigation into the secretive world of narco-lawyers, featuring El Chapo’s lawyer, La Reina del Pacifico... Cartels do not only impose their rules with terror, they have also developed a highly efficient judicial defense system monitored by experimented narco-lawyers.They are the corner stone of a complex legal system surrounding narco- traficking. They embody the collusion between narco-trafficking and the local judicial, political and
financial structures. This film offers a unique access into the world of the narco-lawyers to better understand their crucial but underestimated activity and question their integrity and motivations. Meet these influential and secretive protagonist in Mexico, Colombia, the U.S.
A Lady Birds Films production - 52' or 70’

One Year on Mars, presented by ARTE Distribution
To explore the geological history of Mars and to go back to a time when life could have developed there, international scientific teams have joined forces to design Perseverance, an extraordinary exploration robot. Its mission: to explore the surface of Mars to find traces of past life.
A production by Les Gens Bien Productions - 52'.

Dolores: in the name of the sister, presented by Balanga
He was six years old when his sister was abducted in front of him before she was killed. Haunted by the murder of his sister since his childhood, he becomes a killer of women at 37. This four part mini-series tells the chilling story of Jean-Baptiste Rambla , a man, who’s dull anger transforms into a time bomb that no one expected.
A production : Giraf Prod - 4 x 52'.

To meet the UniFrance team and the 41 French members companies of the French delegation
at MIPCOM, don't hesitate to come to its new booth, #R7.E2, Riviera 7 Hall.