Armoza Formats launches dynamic Fall slate

Armoza Formats launches dynamic Fall slate
Armoza Formats, part of ITV Studios, has now unveiled its new slate for Fall 2021 with five creative new formats across a wide variety of genres.

Developed by Armoza Formats, in No More Secrets (60’), one person will go through a difficult and
emotional journey to make peace with their biggest secret. We all have secrets, and the hardest thing is
to share with those closest to us. At the heart of the show is the idea that sharing our hidden truths with
strangers is often easier and safer. In the first step, our hero’s secret is revealed anonymously in the
“tell-all” booth where strangers read and react. In the second step, our protagonist will practice voicing
their secret face-to-face. Only then will they be ready for the third and hardest step…revealing it to
those they hold close. Will they be able to face their fears and live a fuller life? Can this unique factual
entertainment show help them create a new beginning?

From Armoza Formats and Shabi Zaraya, in Celebrity Flight Club (90’) 14 celebrities, split into two
competing teams, will go through extensive flight training as they compete to be named the top of their
class and experience the thrill of a solo flight. The stars are checked into a real flight academy where
they will live together, go through aviation training, and compete in various missions and challenges –
both in the air and on the ground. All this happens under the watchful eye of a professional aviation
team who will evaluate the celebrities progress for the weekly elimination. In the finale, the top 3
finalists will perform their first ever solo flight and the season winner will be crowned. With a dedicated
flight school hub, it’s time to let this group of celebrities take to the skies!

From Armoza Formats and Stepping Stone, it’s time for a special road trip on a quest to find love in
Dating the Mob (60’)! A mob of 25 fabulous single ladies will go on a tour of 3 significant stops into the
life of a mystery bachelor, trying to figure out if he is their perfect match. At each stop, our mob will
have an experience based on the episode’s bachelor’s life. After each stop, each single lady must decide
to stay on the journey and continue to the next stop or go and meet a new bachelor in the next episode.
While the mob has been touring his life, our bachelor anxiously watches to see which of the ladies chose
to meet him at the end and then it’s his turn to choose – who will he want to date? After a special group
date with his 3 chosen ladies, who will be his final choice?

Produced by Ananey Communications Ltd., in My Trip is Better (30’) five people who love to travel will
meet for the first time in a new place and go on five-day trips together. The travelers will take turns as
tour guides and each will be responsible for the well-being, entertainment, and sometimes frustration of
their fellow travelers for a whole day. Each day begins with a unique wake-up call to introduce the
“theme of the day” before they hit the road to visit three destinations. Whether its famous museums or
hidden natural gems, the guide will try to give the best experience their destination has to offer. At the
end of each day, the travelers will give their trip a rating with the final scores being revealed on the last
day. Who will win the battle of the day trips?

You Should Know (60’), created by Harel Josefson and Enav Shenhar, is the new shiny floor game show
where, for the first time on TV, the questions are based on your social media feed – you posted it, so
you should know the answer! You posted a picture at Disney world – do you know when Mickey Mouse
made his debut? A picture of a Caesar Salad – how did it get its name? Three players compete in two
stages of trivia before the player with the least amount of money is eliminated at the end of stage 2. The
two remaining players go head-to-head for the chance to play in the final and win big money. With so
much of our lives displayed online, this format puts to the test what YOU SHOULD KNOW!

Amos Neumann, COO of Armoza Formats, “We are coming to MIPCOM this year with dynamic and
creative formats that each bring an original spin to the storytelling that we have come to know from
their respective genres. We have brought a slate featuring formats with strong global appeal – whether
it’s VIP reality competition that takes the genre to new heights or a factual entertainment format that
appeals to our need to share secrets – we look forward to sharing these new formats with our clients,
both in Cannes and our continued virtual meetings.”
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