Rai 1 to air a new drama series Fino all'ultimo battito

Rai 1 to air a new drama series Fino all'ultimo battito
Rai 1 to broadcast a new drama series titled Fino all'ultimo battito (Until the last heartbeat) on Thursday, September 23 at 21.40 .
The series in six episode is produced by Eliseo Multimedia and Rai Fiction.

Fino all'ultimo battito
Written by Andrea Valagussa, Fabrizia Midulla, Maura Nuccetelli,
Elisa Zagaria, Nicola Salerno
With Marco Bocci, Bianca Guaccero, Violante Placido, Loretta Goggi,
Fortunato Cerlino
Directed by Cinzia TH Torrini
A Rai Fiction-Eliseo Multimedia co-production, produced by Luca Barbareschi
Series in 6 episodes - Drama

It's the story of Diego Mancini who has it all. At the age of forty he is a full professor of cardiac surgery. He is in love with Elena, whom he met when he moved to Puglia, with her daughter, Anna, and with her son, Paolo. They have been planning to get married for some time and, now that Elena has finally gotten the marriage, they are ready to take the plunge. But happiness is fragile. And even such a perfect life has a defect that cracks it: Paul's heart disease. Diego, who tears up every day in the operating room patients to death, can do nothing to help him. The only hope is a transplant for which the baby has been on the list for months. Having a child is a deep bond, an all-encompassing bond which can lead to wrong choices, to betray every principle, even the oath underlying the medical profession. Saving Paolo at all costs becomes Diego's top priority and makes him fly in a whirlwind of blackmail and compromises that will lead him to become a boss's doctor fugitive, to a heap of secrets and lies, to the point of endangering the family he wanted to save.

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