Applauses for Beta Night held at Nem Dubrovnik for a special worldwide premiere

Applauses for Beta Night held at Nem Dubrovnik for a special worldwide premiere
On Wednesday September 8, 2021 during the TV Market Nem held in the beautiful natural set of Vala in Dubrovnik, Beta presented a special event Beta Night, celebrating the world premiere of crime series The Silence from leading Croatian production company Drugi Plan,  in collaboration with HRT, Beta Film and Star Media. In the same night, Beta Film showed the first episode of the Russian hit series Dead Mountain – The Dytalov Pass Incident.

Veronika Kovacova as well as Beta Film’s Managing Director Moritz von Kruedener and Nebojsa Taraba from Drugi Plan hosted the evening.

The Silence, original title Sutnja is a crime drama series (6x60’) based on the critically acclaimed books that uncovered human and weapons trafficking throughout Eastern Europe – a true story long kept silent.

The screenings were highly appreciated by TV professionals gathered at Beta Night, especially excited for the worldwide premiere of The Silence.

Program Key Information
Title : The Silence
Original Title : Sutnja
Format : 6 x one hour
Genre : Crime, Drama
Category : Series
Year of Production : 2021
Starring: Kseniia Mishyna, Goran Bogdan, Darko Milas, Sandra Loncaric, Leon Lucev, Tihana Lazovic
Directed by Dalibor Mantanic
Produced by Drugi plan and HRT in collaboration with Beta Film and Star Media

The first girl drowned. The second overdosed. The third was hit by a car. It appears there is a serial killer in Osijek, Croatia. Vladimir, the detective on the case, has a hard time solving the murders. Plagued by personal hardships, it is Stribor, a reporter, who notches him towards a maze of corruption, trafficking, and politics where the most vulnerable girls are victimized. When Ukrainian expat Olga, wife of a powerful politician, finds her niece to be one of the victims, the three form an unlikely team. Together they plunge into the depths of underage trafficking that crosses Eastern European borders. And the more they uncover, the more it becomes clear: It is a net that spins uncomfortably close around the highest echelons of power, including Olga’s husband. Is it possible that the people who kidnapped her niece work for him? Soon, Olga’s life is not the only one that is threatened to completely fall apart…
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