First photos of new Sky new series Block 181 from set of Milan

First photos of new Sky new series Block 181 from set of Milan
The very first images of Block 181, the new Sky Original series created with TapelessFilm and Red Joint Film set among the multi-ethnic communities of suburban Milan, arrive from the Milanese set that started a few weeks ago

Block 181 (8 episodes) directed by Giuseppe Capotondi (Suburra - La serie, La Double Ora, La tela dell'inganno) with Ciro Visco (Gomorra - Fourth season, Doc - In your hands) and Matteo Bonifazio ( who has active advertising campaigns for numerous international brands and collaborates with many production companies around the world) is produced by Sky Studios Originals. 

The three main characters at the center of Block 181 have the faces of three young and promising actors: Laura Osma (El Chapo) will be Bea, a Latin American girl who will find herself torn between loyalty to her family and her gang and the desire to change his life; flanking her will be Alessandro Piavani (The Two Popes, The Mafia Kills Only in Summer - The Series, The Medici) and Andrea Dodero (Non Odiare), respectively Ludo and Mahdi, two friends united as brothers. Salmo will play Snake, a character who runs a criminal activity in the Block. With him Lorenzo, played by Alessandro Tedeschi.

The background to the whole story - between generational conflicts, female empowerment, ambition and, above all, the struggle for the conquest of power - Block 181, a building complex in the Milanese suburbs that will become the scene of a story of love, revenge, freedom and personal affirmation.

Authors of the series subject are Paolo Vari, Francesca De Lisi, Dario Bonamin, Mirko Cetrangolo and Marco Borromei. On the screenplay, instead, Francesca De Lisi, Dario Bonamin, Andrea Nobile with Giuseppe Capotondi, Matteo Bonifazio, Paolo Vari and Stefano Voltaggio.

Coming soon on Sky and streaming on NOW.
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