TOP 10 IN ITALY | May 23-29, 2021

TOP 10 IN ITALY | May 23-29, 2021
L = Last episode
P = Premiere
R = Rerun episode
S = Special

On Sunday May 23, Rai 1 rerun miniseries Per Amore del Mio Popolo, starring Alessandro Preziosi, won prime time slot 3.000 viewers (14.2%) while Canale 5 prime time version of game show Avanti Un Altro! Pure di Sera, hosted by Paolo Bonolis with Luca Laurenti, scored 2.427 viewers (11.1%). Rai 3 talk show Che Tempo Che Fa 2.651 viewers (10.8%); La 7 talk show Non è l’Arena 1.350 viewers (5.6%); TV8 cooking show Antonino Chef Academy 2 (produced by Endemol Shine Italy) 282.000 viewers (1.2%); Nove docu-reality Supernanny (produced by Blu Yazmine) 278.000 viewers (1.1%); Real Time docu-reality The Real Housewives di Napoli 2 (produced by FTM Entertainment) 238.000 viewers (0.9%).

On Monday May 24, Rai 1 Italian movie Il Traditore won prime time slot with 4.570 viewers (21.9%) while Canale 5 reality show L’Isola dei Famosi 15, hosted by Ilary Blasi, scored 2.982 viewers (18.2%). Rai 3 current news Report 2.118 viewers (8.9%).

On Tuesday May 25, Rai 1 rerun detective series Il Commissario Montalbano, starring Luca Zingaretti, won prime time slot with 4.659 viewers (22.1%) while Canale 5 charity football match La Partita del Cuore aired for the first time by Canale 5, hosted by Federica Panicucci, scored 2.197 viewers (9.7%). Game show Game of Games - Gioco Loco (produced by Blu Yazmine) is back on Rai 2, hosted by Simona Ventura, 609.000 viewers (2.7%); Italia 1 talk show Le Iene Show, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi and Nicola Savino, 1.689 viewers (10.1%); Real Time dating show Primo Appuntamento Crociera (produced by Stand By Me), hosted by Flavio Montrucchio, 642.000 viewers (2.7%); Sky Uno dating show Cinque Ragazzi per Me (produced by Fremantle Italy) 18.000 viewers (0.7%).

On Wednesday May 26, Rai 1 rerun detective series Il Commissario Montalbano, starring Luca Zingaretti, won prime time slot with 4.429 viewers (20%) while Canale 5 movie Il Gladiatore scored 1.695 viewers (9.8%). Rai 3 current news Chi l’ha visto? 2.911 viewers (13.5%); Nove current news Accordi & Disaccordi (produced by Loft Produzioni) 443.000 viewers (1.8%); Real Time factual entertainment Abito da Sposa Cercasi - Puglia (produced by B&B Film) 258.000 viewers (1%) in the first episode and 319.000 viewers (1.4%) in the second.

On Thursday May 27, Canale 5 drama series Buongiorno, Mamma!, starring Raoul Bova with Maria Chiara Giannetta, won prime time slot and closed with 3.855 viewers (19.5%) while Rai 1 documentary Ulisse - Il Piace della Scoperta scored 3.421 viewers (15.9%). Rai 3 docu-drama Amore Criminale (produced by Ruvido Produzioni), hosted by Veronica Pivetti, 1.356 viewers (5.8%); Real Time factual entertainment L’Atelier delle Meraviglie (produced by Pesci Combattenti) 221.000 viewers (0.9%); Sky Uno reunion of cult series Friends recorded 117.000 viewers (0.5%), 261.000 viewers (0.84%) considering Sky Atlantic/+1, Sky Uno/+1 and On Demand. In late night, Italia 1 talk show Venus Club (produced by Arcobaleno Tre), hosted by Lorella Boccia with Iva Zanicchi and Mara Maionchi, 413.000 viewers (3.8%).

On Friday May 28, Rai 1 friendly football match Italia - San Marino won prime time slot with 2.995 viewers (13.1%) while Canale 5 Spanish soap opera Il Segreto closed with 1.928 viewers (11.6%). Nove one man show Fratelli di Crozza (produced by ITV Movie) closed with 1.313 viewers (5.8%); Real Time cooking show Fuori Menù (produced by Nonpanic), hosted by Damiano Carrara and Gino D’Acampo, 265.500 viewers (1.14%). In late night, Rai 2 talk show Belve (produced by CPTV Rai), hosted by Francesca Fagnani, which debuted with 539.000 viewers (3.26%).

On Saturday May 29, Canale 5 final football match of Champions League Manchester City - Chelsea won prime time slot with 4.795 viewers (21.7%) while Rai 1 variety-game Top Dieci, hosted by Carlo Conti, closed with 3.548 viewers (19.3%).

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