Keshet 12 re-orders Israel’s highest rating drama, Line in the Sand

Keshet 12 re-orders Israel’s highest rating drama, Line in the Sand
 Keshet 12, the most-watched TV channel in Israel, has commissioned a second season of Line in the Sand, the intense crime drama series co-created by Rotem Shamir (Diamonds, Hostages, Fauda) and Yuval Yefet (Diamonds, Fauda).

Produced by Koda Communications, Line in the Sand (8x60’) premiered on Keshet 12 earlier this year to rave reviews and record ratings. Described by Ynet as “exceptionally enthralling” and featuring “excellent performances” (Walla), the first two episodes of Line in the Sand premiered as a double-bill on 25 January, securing viewing shares of 29.6% and 25.2% respectively, with an average share of 27.2% across its eight-part run. Line in the Sand is Israel’s most-watched TV drama since 2015.

Set 15 years ago on Israel's golden coast and inspired by real events, Line in the Sand stars Tshai Halevi (The Grave, Fauda) as Alon, an idealistic and morally unshakable police detective who leaves behind a high-flying career to return to his hometown. Finding a city in turmoil and the residents in the iron grip of tyranny, Alon is forced to engage with the gangster on his terms, which means the only way to take the crime lord down is to become the very thing he despises. As the tense stand-off escalates, Alon is left asking himself where the line between right and wrong lies.
Karni Ziv, Keshet Broadcasting’s Head of Drama and Comedy says, "Line in the Sand launched our 2021 drama slot on Keshet 12 - a slot in which we’ll broadcast at least eight dramas and comedies. Following the success of season one, both here in Israel and in terms of interest around the world, we have greenlit the second season to satisfy the viewers' curiosity about the continuation of the story. We are grateful to continue to be the home of leading Israeli dramas, both in Israel and in the world."

Rotem Shamir and Yuval Yefet, co-creators of Line in the Sand and Netflix’s Diamonds, comment, "From inception we dared to dream of the opportunity to let this rich story unfold over several seasons. We are honored and thankful to have once again won the trust of Avi Nir, Karni Ziv and Keshet and can't be more enthusiastic to dive back into the world of these characters, along with Ram Landes and our partners at Koda."

The second 8x60’ series will again be produced by Koda Communications, directed by Rotem Shamir alongside visual effects specialist Dan Sachar (The Grave, Our Boys), with Ram Landes (Your Honor, Connected) producing. Keshet International (KI) is distributing the tape and format internationally for both series.

Keren Shahar, KI’s COO and President of Distribution adds, “We have had a fantastic response from buyers following our launch of Line in the Sand at our London TV Screenings event, so hearing a second season is on its way is great news all round! This drama is pure, unbridled entertainment, with the fantastically crafted characters and scripts buyers have come to expect from an Israeli drama, all set in the familiarly exotic location of the Israeli riviera. It’s a great watch and has a universal theme – Alon is like a sheriff returning to his hometown to clean it up, once and for all - and for that reason, its appealing to networks and streamers alike. We’ll be announcing a raft of sales very shortly.”

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