TOP 10 IN ITALY | April 11-17, 2021

TOP 10 IN ITALY | April 11-17, 2021
L = Last episode
P = Premiere
R = Rerun episode
S = Special

On Sunday April 11, Canale 5 premiered prime time version of game show Avanti Un Altro! Pure di Sera, hosted by Paolo Bonolis with Luca Laurenti, which debuted and won prime time slot with 4.109 viewers (17.59%) while Rai 1 premiered season 2 of drama La Compagnia del Cigno, starring Anna Valle and Alessio Boni, which debuted with 4.050 viewers (17.02%). Rai 3 talk show Che Tempo Che Fa 3.021 viewers (11%); La 7 talk show Non è l’Arena 1.591 viewers (5.98%); TV8 factual 4 Hotel 605.000 viewers (2.28%); Real Time docu-reality Ti Spedisco in Convento (produced by Fremantle Italy) 678.000 viewers (2.51%).

On Monday April 12, Rai 1 thriller drama series La Fuggitiva, starring Vittoria Puccini, won prime time slot with 5.079 viewers (20.8%) while Canale 5 reality show L’Isola dei Famosi 15, hosted by Ilary Blasi, scored 3.439 viewers (19.9%). Rai 3 current news Report 3.066 viewers (12.1%); TV8 cooking show 4 Ristoranti (produced by Banijay Italia) 412.000 viewers (1.6%).

On Tuesday April 13, Rai 1 international series Leonardo, starring Aidan Turner in the main role with Matilda De Angelis and Freddie Highmore, won prime time slot and closed with 5.279 viewers (21.3%) while Canale 5 football match of Champions League PSG - Bayern Monaco scored 4.279 viewers (15.9%). Rai 2 variety Un’Ora Sola Vi Vorrei (produced by ITV Movie), starring Enrico Brignano, 1.548 viewers (5.8%); Italia 1 talk show Le Iene Show, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi and Nicola Savino, 1.890 viewers (10.4%); Real Time dating show Primo Appuntamento (produced by Stand By Me), starring Flavio Montrucchio, 607.000 viewers (2.2%).

On Wednesday April 14, rai 1 rerun detective series Il Commissario Montalbano, starring Luca Zingaretti, which won prime time slot with 4.504 viewers (19.6%) while Canale 5 Turkish soap opera Daydreamer, starring Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, scored 2.274 viewers (10%). Rai 2 game show Game of Games - Gioco Loco (produced by Blu Yazmine), hosted by Simona Ventura, 930.000 viewers (3.9%); Rai 3 current news Chi l’ha visto? 2.896 viewers (12.8%); TV8 music-game show Name That Tune (produced by Banijay Italia with Pop Media Production), hosted by Enrico Papi, 729.000 viewers (3.2%); Nove current news Accordi & Disaccordi (produced by Loft Produzioni) 507.000 viewers (2%); Real Time docu-reality Matrimonio a Prima Vista - Italia (produced by Nonpanic) 822.000 viewers (3.1%).

On Thursday April 15, Rai 1 drama series Un Passo dal Cielo 6 – I Guardiani, starring Daniele Liotti, won prime time slot with 4.913 viewers (20.8%) while Canale 5 reality show L’Isola dei Famosi 15 hosted by Ilary Blasi, scored 2.942 viewers (17.1%). Sky Uno cooking show Family Food Fight 2 (produced by Endemol Shine Italy) 109.000 viewers (0.4%).

On Friday April 16, Canale 5 premiered variety Felicissima Sera, starring Pio & Amedeo, which debuted and won prime time slot with 4.070 viewers (20.1%) while Rai 1 entertainment show Canzone Segreta, hosted by Serena Rossi, closed with 3.644 viewers (15.7%). Nove one man show Fratelli di Crozza (produced by ITV Movie) 1.316 viewers (5%); Real Time cooking show Cake Star 4, starring Damiano Carrara and Katia Follesa, 456.000 viewers (1.7%).

On Saturday April 17, Canale 5 talent show Amici 20, hosted by Maria De Filippi, with Stefano De Martino, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Stash as judges, won prime time slot with 5.784 viewers (27.6%) while Rai 1 rerun miniseries Sotto Copertura 2 scored 2.875 viewers (13.6%). Rai 3 documentary Città Segrete (produced by CPTV Rai) closed with 2.307 viewers (10%).

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