Launched a new Turkish Platform Dramax with Spanish and Arabic dubbing options

Launched a new Turkish Platform Dramax with Spanish and Arabic dubbing options
Launched the digital platform Dramax to promote Turkish series to viewers from four corners of the world with Spanish and Arabic dubbing options.

Dramax Executive Board Member Murat Saygı explained the platform that started broadcasting within the structure of Demirören Media, one of the biggest media corporations of Turkey, and introduces the Turkish series sector to the world.

Turkish series, locking whole Turkey in front of their screens and breaking rating records when they were broadcasted, now increase access in the whole world through a single platform. Dramax, starting its broadcasting life with more than 5.000 hours of series content, broadcasts all productions with Spanish and Arabic dubbed versions. In the upcoming period, new language options starting with Russian, Urdu, and English will be added to the platform.

Dramax Executive Board Member Murat Saygı, underlining that Dramax is a valuable breakthrough for important productions of Turkish series sector to reach wider masses in an easier manner in the whole world, said “Turkish series are being sold to televisions abroad for a long time and important successes are being achieved in this field. Thanks to the quality of series produced in our country and stories of these lands consisting of a wide mosaic, we have become the country selling the highest content in the world after the USA. Demirören Medya Holding continues its activities in conventional media while bringing Dramax into life today as a brand-new platform that is developed by taking the diversification of media consumption habits and changing conditions of today into consideration. In addition to economic contributions, it will provide to our country, Dramax shall be the most powerful platform promoting Turkish culture, geography, customs, tradition, and tourism.”

Saygı, explaining that when the ratings of the series sold abroad are collected in total, it is seen that 550 million people are reached, while they target 4.6 billion web users, 5.2 billion mobile users with Dramax thanks to the web or mobile application, said “viewers living in lands where Arabic and Spanish languages are talked could reach Turkish series from the television channels in their countries until today. Now, the world is a geography where big immigrations happen, and people move to other countries to live and work. Turkish content will not be series that may be watched during the broadcasting hour of the channel airing in foreign countries only, instead, they will be watched “anytime, anywhere” by foreign people.

Dramax Executive Board Member Murat Saygı, stating that Kanal D (Channel D) is one of the subsidiaries of Dramax only, has made a call to all channels and beneficiaries in Turkey as well. Saygı said “Dramax is a product that completely belongs to Demirören Media and Kanal D is one of the customers. Therefore, independent from the competition, we invite all channels, series and movie producers and unique content owners in Turkey to be a shareholder to the content export platform of Turkey.”

Murat Saygı, saying that in addition to series that were sold by channels to abroad and completed their cycle, series belonging to previous terms without any sale to abroad will gain value again, said “Thanks to Dramax, brand-new masses will be reached with these contents along with a very big access and different language options. Not only series but also all producers and owners of cinema and television movies, children’s programs, life, and documentaries shall be able to benefit from this system. The only thing they need to do is to document their ownership with Spanish and Arabic dubbed content.”

Dramax offers a special experience to viewers in the world while providing a great advantage to series with access and language options. The platform supports playing content from any device and continues viewing from another device.

There are 2 different membership options as single and family packages on Dramax; the single package is offered for USD 4.99, while the family package is offered for USD 8,99 to users. For first subscriptions, users may benefit from 1-week free trial membership.

Dramax, the digital platform of which technical infrastructure is completely realized by Turkish engineers, may be watched on, iOS, and Android mobile and tablet applications.

Access from Smart TV, Apple TV, and Android TV devices are planned to be introduced in the first year of Dramax.

Casta Diva