The fourth edition of Wisdom in China presents six new titles

The fourth edition of Wisdom in China presents six new titles
During the MIPTV event, was presented the fourth Wisdom in China, recommending original Chinese TV formats online to platforms and organizations all around the world. 

During the showcase, were launched a total of six formats with trailers shown and stories told by the producers. 

Wisdom in China organized by iFORMATS has been a part of the MIPTV event for three consecutive years since 2018. In the past three years, iFORMATS has presented a total of 20 original Chinese formats on the international stage of Cannes. Among them, The Readers, National Treasure created by CCTV, The Sound, Super-Vocal created by Hunan TV, and Singing with Legends created by Dragon TV, have all signed format licensing deals with overseas format platform, which is a huge step forward in the course of China’s creative output.

In this new era where traditional and new media are developing and integrating together, "iFORMATS" is the first to create a cross-region and cross-platform media business centered on program formats in China. It focuses on data aggregation of Chinese program formats, studying Chinese, global, Internet and even mobile programs. Meanwhile, it is also a commercial service platform that provides various international resources for the domestic and overseas program markets to graft radio and television institutions, program production companies, distributors, consultants, advertisers, and investors.
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