Daily cooking show Cotto e Mangiato is back on Italia 1

Daily cooking show Cotto e Mangiato is back on Italia 1
Italia 1  launch a new edizion of daily cooking show Cotto e Mangiato - The MenĂ¹, on Saturday, April 3 at 12.05 am,  presented by Tessa Gelisio. 

The first two episodes are dedicated to Easter recipes, broadcast on Saturday and Monday, with two chefs Andrea Mainardi and Theo Penati.

Also, is back the competition dedicated to young Chefs with twenty-four talented young people from four schools: Giuseppe Cipriani from Adria, Istituto San Pellegrino Terme, Aldo Moro from Santa Cesarea Terme and Severo Savioli from Riccione. The aspiring chefs will compete with recipes on the official social networks of the program to win a scholarship to invest in professional training. A jury made up of experts and chefs from the program including starred chefs Luigi Taglienti, Theo Penati, Chiara Pavan and Renato Bosco, and a secret judge decreed the winner.

Among the most anticipated novelties, the Menus at the Museum, prepared in the 'Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology' in Milan and accompanied by curiosities told by an exceptional popularizer: Roberto Giacobbo.

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