Un Passo dal cielo is back on Rai 1 with the sixth season

Un Passo dal cielo is back on Rai 1 with the sixth season
The highly anticipated TV series  Un Passo dal Cielo - I Guardiani (A step from heaven - The Guardians), season 6 is back on Rai1 - on Thursday April 1h at 21.25 with eight new episodes.

The season was filmed  among  the alpine lakes and the peaks of the Dolomites instead of San Candido (Bolzano).
Starring once again Daniele Liotti as the fascinating former commander of the Forestry, Francesco Neri, who isolated himself in the mountains after the death of his beloved wife Emma, ​​and Enrico Ianniello as  Commissioner Vincenzo Nappi, today in the new police station in San Vito di Cadore. 

The cast includes Gianmarco Pozzoli in the role of Huber, some returns such as Giusy Buscemi in those of Manuela Nappi, the inspector's sister, already known in the previous seasons, who returns to the Dolomites to get married, and many new entries. Among the new characters: Serena Iansiti who plays the cheeky and bubbly Carolina; Carlo Cecchi in the role of Christoph, a mythical mountaineer who lives with an eagle that only he has managed to tame; Aurora Ruffino who enters the series as Dafne Mair, a mysterious woman found dying by Francesco. And again Anna Dalton, Jenny De Nucci, Luca Chikovani, Filippo De Carli and the participation of Pilar Fogliati. 

The series is produced by Lux Vide  in collaboration with Rai Fiction, directed by Jan Maria Michelini, Cosimo Alemà and Beniamino Catena. The first two episodes of Un passo dal cielo 6 - I Guardiani, will be available in preview on RaiPlay.
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