SAT.1 to broadcast 5 Senses for Love – Marry your Blind Date

SAT.1 to broadcast 5 Senses for Love – Marry your Blind Date
SAT.1 will launch a new  Redseven Entertainment’s format titled 5 Senses for Love – Marry your Blind Date. A new social experiment for a show distributed by Red Arrow International.

The search for love will be based on the senses: from the scent to the sensations created by a kiss.... 30 brave singles are ready to find out in a new TV experiment, to be launched by  SAT.1 in April.

Sabrina, 29, from Schleswig-Holstein would like to meet the man of her dreams in this experiment and ultimately say “yes” to him. The first step in her quest to find great love: breathing in its scent out of a box. Sabrina is one of 15 female and 15 male singles between the ages of 23 and 46 who all share the same dream of finding love in 5 Senses for Love. The contestants can smell each other, hear each others voices, touch or taste each other. But the couples are only allowed to see each other once they have already agreed to marry based on those first four senses.

The engaged couples will then get to know each other better on a dream holiday to the Greek island of Naxos. Who can trust their senses and start a new life with a ring on their finger?

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