Kid's animation series Nina & Olga acquired by Beyond Rights

Kid's animation series Nina & Olga acquired by Beyond Rights

Beyond Rights has acquired the international distribution rights (excluding Italy, and Spanish-language territories*) for Nina & Olga, a new 52 x 7 kids’ animation series co-produced by Enanimation Srl and Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, in partnership with Rai Ragazzi.

Inspired by Olga the Cloud, the internationally best-selling, classic book series by Nicoletta Costa, Nina & Olga follows six-year-old Nina as she begins school, alongside her classmate Teo, and their very special friend Olga – a light young cloud. Together they embark on numerous adventures, learning about the events and challenges of everyday life and how to understand and manage their still unknown emotions. Based on the poetic and sweet stories told in more than 300 Olga the Cloud books over a 30-year period, the series follows these little kids getting acquainted with themselves, various objects and animals – as well as their feelings – in order to grow and understand the world around them.

Currently in production and being created in a simple, contemporary 2D animation style that reflects and respects the original book artwork, Nina & Olga will premiere on RaiPlay and RaiYoyo later this year.

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