Rai2 puts to the test the GenZ with La Caserma. Debut: 2.268 viewers (9.9%)

Rai2 puts to the test the GenZ with La Caserma. Debut: 2.268 viewers (9.9%)
Born on the path traced by Il Collegio (That'll teach'em) and based on international format Lads Army, La Caserma is a social experiment that will put to the test the Z generation. Keywords will be discipline, duties, cohabitation, training and hard exercises. The first episode premiered by Rai2 in prime time slot on January 27, recorded 2.268.000 viewers (9.9%).

Fifteen boys and six girls just over 18, from all over Italy, who have never experienced a world without internet and social media, will live for a month an extreme and unknown experience. A challenge to test oneself, to learn to believe in the group and in friendship. 

They will have to adapt to a rigid path of military training respecting the rules imposed by five professional instructors (Simone Cadamuro, Germano Capriotti, Deborah Colucci, Giovanni Rizzo, Salvatore Rossi) under the watchful eye of the chief instructor, Renato Daretti.

The voice of Simone Montedoro, in the role of narrator, will tell the adventures of young people throughout the 6 episodes.

The program, filmed in Levico (in the province of Trento) in a structure surrounded by nature transformed for the occasion into a unique set for a hard training course, has been registered in full compliance with the safety standards provided for the current health emergency.

A Rai-Blu Yazmine co-production, La Caserma will air every Wednesday starting from January 27 on Rai2 at 9.20 p.m.
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