Rai 1 presents mini-series Mina Settembre based on Maurizio de Giovanni's novels

Rai 1 presents mini-series Mina Settembre based on Maurizio de Giovanni's novels
Rai 1 will brodcast the miniseries Mina Settembre next Sunday, January 17 at 21.30 and on Monday.

The new series is based on Maurizio de Giovanni's novels. Produced by Rai Fiction and Italian International Film (Fulvio e Paola Lucisano) in 6 episodes, tells the story of Mina Settembre a social worker, always ready to take care of the many cases that come to the clinic where she works, in the Rione Sanità of Naples. The beating heart of the city, it is also a difficult and problematic area.

To pursue her vocation to work, Mina left the studio as a psychologist at Vomero, with a header that lightened her wallet, but that does not stop giving her emotions
strong and immense satisfactions. Mina can be pragmatic and resourceful: she manages to get people out of trouble and manages to resolve the turbulent events of those who ask for help with imagination and stubbornness. Able to fix what seems broken forever, Mina is unable, however, to do the same with her heart: she has a magistrate husband, Claudio, from whom she has recently separated and who desperately tries to win her back, and in the meantime she feels attracted to
Domenico, the new gynecologist of the clinic. In addition, her mother Olga, a caustic woman with a vitriolic joke, also puts pressure on her: how long do you intend to live in your house? Thankfully Mina has a group of trusted friends, Irene and Titti, with whom she spends moments of leisure at the end of her long days. 

The cast includes Serena Rossi, Giuseppe Zeno, Giorgio Pasotti, Marina Confalone, Valentina D'Agostino, Christiane Filangeri. Written by Fabrizio Cestaro, Doriana Leondeff, Fabrizia Midulla, Marco Videtta, Costanza Durante. Directed by Tiziana Aristarco.
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