Blue Ant Media launches HauntTV

Blue Ant Media launches HauntTV
Blue Ant Media announced today that it has launched a new live streaming service, HauntTV, with superfans of ghost stories in mind. Joining The Roku Channel as a live TV channel, HauntTV is available to Canadians free of charge, on Roku streaming devices, and grants audiences access to Blue Ant Media’s extensive library of original and acquired ghostly programming. The launch of HauntTV represents Blue Ant Media’s debut in the FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) channels space in Canada. Streamers can find HauntTV on The Roku Channel in the “Live TV” section on their Roku streaming player or Roku TV. 

By launching HauntTV as a free live streaming offering on The Roku Channel in Canada, we are unlocking hundreds of hours of binge-worthy ghost stories from our catalogue and bringing them to a new audience,” says Jamie Schouela, President, Global Channels and Media, Blue Ant Media.“The launch of HauntTV is our first foray into the FAST channels space in Canada and an important milestone for Blue Ant Media as we continue to deliver our content to emerging distribution platforms.”

HauntTV customers can enjoy access to hundreds of hours of seriously scary ghost series, including Ghost Chasers, exploring some of Europe’s most haunted locations, in search of proof ghosts really exist; Ghostly Encounters, following the first-hand real-life accounts of those who have experienced chilling spectral run-ins; and World’s Scariest Hauntings, exploring some of the most terrifying ghost and horror stories from around the globe.
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