ZDF Enterprises’s new history series Myths - The Great Mysteries of Humanity completes production

ZDF Enterprises’s new history series Myths - The Great Mysteries of Humanity completes production
The first season of Myths - The Great Mysteries of Humanity, a unique history series co-produced and distributed by ZDF Enterprises, has completed production this month. A Story House production for ZDFinfo, each of the two seasons contain 5 episodes exploring the myths, legends and paranormal phenomenon that have intrigued mankind for centuries.

Raif Rueckauer, Vice-President of ZDFE.unscripted, commented: “This series, offering scientific explanations but without destroying the myths, takes audiences on a captivating journey as they travel back in time with the experts to learn more about these fascinating stories.”

Eyewitness reports, scientists and historical materials all play a part in the quest to uncover the truth behind fantastical stories such as the Mothman, the grey monster seen by residents of Point Pleasant in West Virginia who believe he is a bad omen foreshadowing catastrophe. Or the fatal Bermuda Triangle, where 1000 people, 20 airplanes and 50 ships have disappeared. Over the years, theories have ranged from rogue waves and blowouts to magnetic fields and aliens.

Season one also looks at the legend of Attila the Hun, feared by his enemies as the ‘Scourge of God’, and the treasure of gold believed to be buried with him in a secret location. Another legendary quest is the search for the Holy Grail which has been shrouded in mystery for 2,000 years. Is the Holy Grail really a chalice or is it based on something completely different? The fifth episode explores Germany's greatest myth, the Nibelung treasure. A dramatic story of dragon slayers, intrigue and a treasure of gold of immeasurable value which has gained credence over the years with researchers having found baffling hints suggesting these heroic figures really existed.

ZDF Enterprises launches Myths - The Great Mysteries of Humanity to the global market this month with the 2nd series already in production.
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