New deals for British distributor Videoplugger

New deals for British distributor Videoplugger
Wildfire Films and British distributor Videoplugger are delighted to announce that the dance short Deep End Dance has been picked up in a deal with New York City's flagship public television station WNET to be released on their multiplatform ALL ARTS.

Martha O'Neill, Producer Wildfire Films, said:“We are delighted to see this short dance film travel so well. It has enchanted audiences far and wide and we hope it continues to do so.”

Emanuele Gallloni, CEO Videoplugger said: “When we signed this beautifully shot arthouse film, with its beautiful underwater dance moves, its visual poetry, we knew we were picking up a gem and that it would fly internationally. Today it lands in the USA on a great platform like ALL ARTS. We're proud of this result and looking forward to seeing ”Deep End Dance” going further.”

Deep End Dance- 6', 2010
A fully dressed man is pushed into a swimming pool by his mother. He brushes himself off and starts dancing underwater, always aware that she’s watching. After a while she joins him, and they play out the story of their relationship through the underwater dance. 

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