Sex Tape acquired by Discovery+ in the Netherlands

Sex Tape acquired by Discovery+ in the Netherlands
ITV Studios’ must-see social experiment format Sex Tape is coming to the Netherlands. Discovery+, the newest direct-to-consumer subscription streaming service from Discovery, commissioned the show. The Netherlands will be the fifth country to adapt this format, following in the footsteps of the UK, Belgium, Germany and Finland. The local adaptation will be produced by ITV Studios Netherlands and will be released exclusively on Discovery+ in 2021.

Originally created by Armoza Formats and Shelly Varod, Sex Tape is a thought-provoking social experiment, where each week three couples will try to fix their relationships with a dramatic and spicy new therapy. They will film their love live for an entire week: the issues, the intimacy, and the sex. The candidates will then meet the other two couples and under the guidance of a top sex therapist they will reveal their uncensored tapes to each other. Having exposed all, we will see their raw and unfiltered reactions, from the laughter to tears, from conflict to reconciliation. Will this new perspective change their relationship?

Arjan Pomper, COO Global Entertainment, ITV Studios says, “We are thrilled to be working together with Discovery for this unique format. Sex Tape gives viewers a unique and candid approach to relationships by bringing to the screen something that is often considered taboo for public discussion.”
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