Industry launches PB Alerts launches PB Alerts, the non-transactional screening site, is pleased to announce that it has launched PB Alerts, a unique new content discoverability feature that links with distributors’ own websites.

Created by, a new business established by French content and technology entrepreneurs Hugo Brisbois and Vincent Rolea, the feature uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms to track new content as it is uploaded on distributor websites. If any new content matches current buyer criteria, it triggers a notification, which is sent to buyers through the ProgramBuyer portal.

This new feature was branded PB Alerts after ProgramBuyer and agreed an exclusive partnership, giving ProgramBuyer the sole third-party rights to use this technology within the wider content industry.

PB Alerts automatically advises buyers when the specific types of content they are looking for are uploaded to the company websites of any of ProgramBuyer’s participating distributor partners. All buyers need to do is register their criteria for free – which can be as broad as ‘drama’ and ‘factual’ or as narrow as ‘wartime thrillers’ and ‘transgender documentaries’ - and when new programmes that fit that criteria are uploaded, they will receive regular notifications from ProgramBuyer, with a link to the content, directly into their inbox.

Buyers are swiftly notified of any relevant new content, without having to search for it, while for distributors, the PB Alerts feature provides a rapid-response, rifle-shot supplement to their usual new programme launch activity.

ProgramBuyer has successfully aggregated 120,000 hours of completed content, from more than 150 distributors worldwide since its launch in 2019 and has in excess of 1200 registered buyers. Continuing with its aggregation mission and desire to be a major resource for the entire industry, the portal has launched two further features this month – with more to follow in the New Year.

Distributors can now access a new promotional tool to market their content directly to buyers. This Direct Marketing function allows content owners to swiftly select programming from their catalogues and create bespoke mailshots with synopses, video links and personal messages – all at the press of a button.

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