NENT Studios UK acquires timely new Joe Biden documentary

NENT Studios UK acquires timely new Joe Biden documentary
NENT Studios UK today announces that it has acquired Joe Biden: Comeback King (1 x 60) a fascinating new biography about the US Presidential hopeful.

Produced by Legacy and written by Danielle Winter (Adam Sandler: Funny Guy), with Finlay Bald directing, Joe Biden: Comeback King serves as a full and timely biography of the seasoned politician. It charts his life from his blue-collar roots in Pennsylvania, right up to today and his battle for the White House, following a vicious primary race for the Democratic Party’s 2020 nomination and the subsequent war of words with Donald Trump.

We learn how he overcame a propensity towards stuttering by reciting poetry, loved football, and was twice class president at school. His controversial 50-year career has also been beset with tragedy: his first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident in 1972 and his eldest son died from brain cancer in 2015. However, these awful events, and his own brain surgery in 1988, did not stop him serving six terms in the Senate and two terms as Vice President under President Obama.

He has had a guiding hand in many important areas of US government, serving long tenures on high-profile committees and crafting laws relating to budget, crime, violence against women and tax relief. If he wins in November, he will, at 76, become the oldest – and one of the most politically experienced - US Presidents of all time.

Elin Thomas, Nent Studios UK’s EVP sales, comments: “As interest in the US presidential election reaches fever pitch, this new documentary provides vital background to Joe Biden the man and the events that have shaped him, as well as his incredible half-century career spanning numerous key moments in America’s recent history. His duty to public service and his resilience through personal tragedy and political attack shine through, and, win or lose in November, this biography will remain a telling portrait of a consummate politician and demonstrate once and for all why he is the definitive comeback king.

This year’s presidential election will doubtless generate massive interest across the globe. There are hundreds of documentary hours readily available on Donald Trump; we are hopeful that Joe Biden: Comeback King will go some way to redressing the balance and provide a new point of view for interested broadcasters and their audiences.”
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