TBS presents the new show CAST WARS

TBS presents the new show CAST WARS
Two Words with Mr. Goshu Segawa, Sales Executive of International Distribution Department, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS)

How did you organize your sales division after the lockdown?

We gradually shifted from working at our offices to working from home around spring this year, considering the COVID-19 pandemic. So actually, we really didn’t need to do much to organize our sales division since we were well adapted to working from home and communicating via online conferences and email. Now our sales strategies are based online.

What titles are you launching?

and Gotttttcha!!!. Both game shows featuring celebrities.
CAST WARS is a competition game show between teams of cast members each representing a different program or TV department – a group of broadcasting colleagues who work and know each other on, but sometimes off, screen: Newsreaders, Sports, Breakfast Show, Daytime, Hosts, Kids TV even Reality teams have competed: and when you put these guys together, as long as you get the chemistry right, then WHAM! They tear into the fight with gusto and an incredible energy. The show is co-developed with Mr. Dave Winnan (introduced below).
Gotttttcha!!! is simple but insanely exciting game show based on the world famous children’s game: hide and seek. Celebrities are divided into teams of 'hiders' and 'seekers' and they take on each other in public places such as amusement parks and shopping arcades. The hiders are equipped with Hollywood level make-up and crazy props that disguise them into everything you can think of, and a special rule gives them a chance to eliminate the seekers from the game. In the end, the last standing seeker win a fat cash prize.

Two Words with the UK-based format developer of CAST WARS - Mr. Dave Winnan, CEO of Little Delicious Media 

What did you suggest after the launch of Time is Money?

"After our success last year with Time Is Money, I suggested a different approach. I asked for the guys at TBS to give me 10 formats that had so far failed to translate to the global market. So smart, thought I.

Really I should have asked for just one because the treasure trove of incredible content put at my disposal was both mind boggling and humbling. Just too much good stuff.

The trick is, of course recognizing the key piece of magic Within all of that that can then be developed into something that easily work for multiple territories and Cast Wars does this perfectly. With a unique gameplay mechanism that, just like Time is Money, has that ‘I cannot believe I haven’t seen it before!’ type of quality that gets producers, and the smarter buyers, rubbing their hands.

It’s a great show, has all sorts of brand strengths and promotional power and has a lot of heart and 30 years’ worth of proven success - it’s a no brainier!

Next year, I’ve already itemised the show I want to develop. Also, for 2022, 2023, 2024..."

Dave Winnan’s bio
David is a global content specialist in scripted and non-scripted, linear, and non-linear. He is a format creator, developer, launcher, trainer, and network advisor with over 25 years in the business. In this time, he has been attached to over 300 projects as developer, producer, director, writer and consultant in over 30 territories. David’s continuing success in formats is based around an instinctive know-how in creating or adapting structure into bespoke market-specific products with a format succession plan. Genres include game, reality, talent, fact/ent and Lifestyle and Features. More recently he has also been adapting and consulting upon scripted IP licenses for FOX and non-scripted for ITV, BBCWW, Banijay and more. He has development deals in place with with TBS (Japan), HSM (China), and Antena (Romania) and has also developed with SMG and Hunan TV (China) Nova TV (Bulgaria), Antena (Greece), Formata (Brasil) and countles others.

As a seasoned show runner and consultant, David possesses considerable expertise in extending big shows beyond their shelf life and in the establishment and maintenance of production hubs including the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here hubs in South Africa. He has overseen over 15 successful season launches of IAC, 25 seasons of Hells Kitchen and 10 of The Chase including the successful recent launch in Spain. Other credits include: Love Island, The X-Factor, Game of Chefs, Come Dine with Me, Four Weddings, How I Met Your Mother, This is Us, Meet the Parents/Chinese Dating, Big Star’s Little Star, Stepping Out, Surprise Surprise, Pop star to Opera star, & Saturday Night Takeaway.

With creative partner Spencer Austin he is the CEO & Founder of boutique format developer Little Delicious Media who create and sell format ideas such as BBCWW’s ‘24 Hour Dates’. Together they are responsible for over 30 formats creations worldwide and have a growing slate of strong and flexible IP brands. They also create to briefs.

David is a visiting Lecturer on the MA course at the LCC, Westminster Uni, Royal Holloway and Herts Uni, a specialist trainer and mentor on format development for Hunan TV, HSM and SMG in China, BRAVI in Rio, KOKKA in Seoul and is a keynote speaker and formats judge at Edinburgh, C21 Formats 360, China Formats, Rio2C and ATF.

David relaxes by watching fresh content.

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