Wild Bunch TV acquires international rights to the series Crisis Unit, Fragile and We are now

Wild Bunch TV acquires international rights to the series Crisis Unit, Fragile and We are now
Wild Bunch TV announced its 3 new event series: the RTS’s humanitarian thriller Crisis Unit, the new Radio-Canada’s original psychological thriller Fragile and the RTL2 coming-of-age teen show We are now, all headlining Wild Bunch TV’s slate to be launched during MIPCOM 2020 and MIA 2020.

These 3 series are brand new, recently completed, and ready to broadcast, and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Crisis Unit is a humanitarian thriller that tackles questions of social responsibility and the underworld of ONG’s and Fragile is a Gemeaux-awarded off-beat Canadian show. They both combine strong casts and high production value, along with We are now, Wild Bunch TV ‘s latest compelling and daring character-driven youth drama.

This remarkable trio completes an already powerful and appealing slate for Wild Bunch TV, including Albatros, VRT’s latest Original just recently completed and premiering in spring 2021.

Crisis Unit (6 x 50’)
At a time when Yemen is going through an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, the president of the HCIC, one of the few humanitarian agencies still on the ground, is murdered in a bombing... As the humanitarian world is shaken, the organization's powerful vice-president seeks to convince Suzanne Fontana, a young idealistic law professor, to take over the organization...
Written by a renowned great reporter, and exploring the mysterious arcana of the humanitarian world, this political thriller, starring Isabelle Caillat and André Dussollier, brilliantly questions the complexity of humanitarian action, torn between diverse and contradictory interests, through the journey of a young woman with no experience immersed in a geopolitical machination that exceeds her...
Created by Philippe Safir, François Legrand & Jacob Berger. Directed by Jacob Berger. Production: Tipimages Production / Entre Chien et Loup / Samsa Films. Broadcaster: RTS.

Fragile (10 x 45’)
Fragile tells the story of two diametrically opposite families: the wealthy, influential Bachands, and the salt-of-the-earth Coutures. It’s also the story of an unlikely friendship, that of Dominic Couture (Pier-Luc Funk) and Félix Bachand (Marc-André Grondin). The pair’s mysterious death sends shock waves through their families and community, exposing jealously guarded secrets, dangerous liaisons, and dark hidden agendas.
The new crime series by author Serge Boucher ("Aveux", "Appearances", "Fires", "Olivier"), who, true to himself, has concocted a tightly plotted family saga full of unguessable twists and turns, carried by stellar talents like Cesar Award-winning Marc-André Grondin ("Spotless", "C.R.A.Z.Y") and Pier-Luc Funk.
Written by Serge Boucher. Directed by Claude Desrosiers. Production: Amalga Créations Médias. Broadcaster: Radio-Canada

We are now (10 x 45’)
This is the story of 17-year-old Laura and her friends shortly before high school graduation. It’s about growing up and what it means to be responsible all of a sudden - for yourself, for your friends, for your love and your actions. To no longer be a child, but at the same time to have no idea how to be an adult. Laura and Olli are dating and that means something to her and to her friends, although Laura’s feelings are not always as clear and as deep as she’d like them to be. She’s uncertain... and she’s attracted to Daniel. When Olli realizes, the situation quickly spirals out of control...
We are now is a searing teen drama created by the German Broadcasting Corporation (RTL) for their Youth channel TVNOW. It first premiered in September 2019 and follows a group of teens who all attend the same high school.
Entering the arena of teen tales like "Skam", "Euphoria" or "Skins", We are now is filled with sun & light, exhilarating teen love, pregnancy scare, first experiences with sex, drugs and alcohol...
Perfect for all those broadcasters who don’t want to lose their young audiences to the streaming giants.
Written by Burkhardt Wunderlich. Directed by Christian Klandt. Production: Producers At Work GmbH. Broadcaster: RTL Germany.
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