Studio 100 Group’s Mia and Me flies high on TV Cultura, Brazil

Studio 100 Group’s Mia and Me flies high on TV Cultura, Brazil
Studio 100 Group and TV Cultura join forces for the live action/CGI hybrid series Mia and me. Already a high-promising YouTube star in Brazil the first two seasons of Mia and me will air on Brazilian free television network TV Cultura commencing today. With a daily slot within TV Cultura’s kids’ programming schedule, at least one episode of the series for girls aged 6 to 12 will air Monday to Friday for the next two consecutive years. As the new children’s attraction on TV Cultura, the first episode will air at 5 pm today, on Brazil’s Children’s Day.

The free TV launch of the successful series Mia and me will be supported by a broad marketing and social media campaign in collaboration with Studio 100 Media’s assigned local license agency Brandhouse Licensing. The agency is also working on a broad range of licensed products including toys, apparel and publishing. Till today the Brazilian YouTube Channel for Mia and me accounts for more than 400,000 subscribers with over 135 million views. TV Cultura reaches out to in excess of 150 million people in 26 states and federal districts in 2,200 cities through its national network of affiliates and retransmitter partners.

Fabiana Quinteiro, Acquisitions Coordinator at TV Cultura says: “We are very glad with this new partnership with Studio 100 Media. ‘Mia and me’ is already a huge success on YouTube, but now it is going to reach more children, around the country, by Free TV. The animation is in line with TV Cultura's institutional mission, which is to transmit programs of an educational and cultural nature. ‘Mia and me’ has already empowered girls all over the world, and now it's the Brazilian girls' turn.”

Peter Kleinschmidt, Director Marketing & Brand Management at Studio 100 Media comments: “We are excited about this new collaboration with TV Cultura. Knowing that Mia not only finds acceptance but real fans with her own power in Brazil, we cannot wait to see, what the new free TV presence will add to her success there. TV Cultura is the most important public television in the country and shares our values as a company – we very much look forward to working with the teams for Mia’s growing success.”
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