International Emmy 2020 nominate and audience hits are the highlights by Globo at the MIPCOM 2020

 International Emmy 2020 nominate and audience hits are the highlights by Globo at the MIPCOM 2020
Globo will be present from October 12 to 16 at the MIPCOM 2020, with a robust product portfolio, including series and telenovelas. In drama, the highlights are three works that are real big hits of the company and are a success across the world, with their involving scripts and captivating stories: Orphans of a Nation, A Life Worth Living  and Sweet Diva.

Written by Duca Rachid and Thelma Guedes - Emmy 2014 winners with the telenovela ‘Precious Pearl’ – and directed by Gustavo Fernandéz, ‘Orphans of a Nation’ is nominated to International Emmy 2020 for ‘Best Telenovela’ and won the Grand Prize at the Seoul Drama Awards, the most important entertainment award in Asia. This achievement is joined by the Rose D’Or Awards of 2019.

Licensed to more than 50 countries and currently being broadcasted in countries such as Bolivia (Red Uno), Israel (Viva) and Romania (Happy Channel), the production that was broadcasted in April last year on TV Globo deals with the issue of refugees as a background to create a vibrant story, with empathy, cultural diversity and overcoming obstacles in the name of love as main ingredients. The script tells the love story between Jamil and Laila, two refugees who need to leave their homeland and find in Brazil the place to rebuild their lives. But, in order to experience this love, they must overcome barriers and face a great revenge plan. Promised to the powerful sheik Aziz, Laila escapes with her parents to Brazil. Jamil, Aziz’s godson, is sent to Brazil with the aim to take her back and force her to abide to the marriage agreement. Jamil, however, ends up being in love with Laila and both decide to get married, provoking Aziz’s fury, who goes to Brazil to search for them. After the sheik is mysteriously murdered, his daughter Dalila continues her father’s revenge plan, doing everything she can to separate the couple.

As for the most recent drama product in the international catalog, the telenovela ‘A Life Worth Living’ was the work with the highest audience ratings in its category in Brazil since 2015, as well as a great success in terms of response on the social networks. Written by Paulo Halm and Rosane Svartman, the production is being broadcasted currently in Uruguay (Teledoce) and also on Globo’s channel in Portugal, where it is leader in ratings on Pay TV in the country. Additionally, the telenovela was already licensed to Costa Rica (Teletica), where it will premiere soon.

With a light and involving script, the telenovela deals with the appreciation of life, from the captivating story of Paloma (Grazi Massafera, from ‘The Other Side of Paradise’ and ‘Hidden Truths’) and Alberto (Antonio Fagundes, from ‘Irrational Heart’). Dressmaker and mother of three children, Paloma had her exam mistakenly exchanged with a patient who had a terminal illness and, since this happened, she thinks she just has six months of life. When the mistake is undone, Paloma decides to change her life and look for Alberto, the business owner who really is in his last few months of life. With passion for literature as a common driver, both build a friendship capable of giving a new meaning to their lives, restoring dreams and the joy of living.

Another telenovela that is captivating the audience currently is ‘Sweet Diva’, being broadcasted in the United States by the channel Univisión. The production, leader in ratings, brings the signature of award-winning writer Walcyr Carrasco (‘Hidden Truths’) and talks about courage, hope and overcoming challenges with optimism. Also, it brings a pioneering case of real interaction of a character who is a digital influencer with the audience via social networks.

The script tells the story of Maria da Paz (Juliana Paes, of ‘India - A Love story’), a dedicated baker who becomes a rich business owner twenty years after a tragedy that took place on the day of her wedding with Amadeu (Marcos Palmeira). From this union, which ends in separation, a daughter is born, Jô, who pursues power and despises the humble origins of the mother. Fearing that the reunion of her parents may ruin her plans, Jô (Agatha Moreira, of ‘Hidden Truths’) creates an alliance with charming Regis (Reynaldo Gianecchini, of ‘Hidden Truths’) to convince Maria to marry him and, together, they plan to steal Maria’s whole fortune. In this exciting telenovela, the main character’s optimism must be stronger than Jô’s ambition when the baker finds out about the treason and the dangerous secrets of her own daughter.
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