Beta Film and Autentic bring two projects about Dyatlov Pass mystery to Mipcom Online+

Beta Film and Autentic bring two projects about Dyatlov Pass mystery to Mipcom Online+
Beta Film and its factual subsidiary Autentic will bring a Russian drama and an accompanying docuseries about the mysterious deaths of a group of hikers in the Ural Mountains to Mipcom Online+.

Beta and Autentic will present crime thriller Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident (8×60′) and documentary The Dyatlov Pass Incident (4×52'/8×30′) at the online version of the Cannes event.

The two projects, which will premiere this fall on TNT and Premier in Russia, explore the circumstances around the tragedy that struck the Russian student hikers in the Urals in 1959.

Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident was created by 1-2-3 Production's Evgeniy Nikishov and Valeriy Fedorovich, both serving as directors, producers and showrunners, and screenwriter Ilya Kulikov.

Declassified material from the case served as the basis for the script, as well as the diaries of the students.

Beta Film's Leonid Godik said: "Apart from its internationally famous story, it is in the style of Soviet noir, a unique genre which is quite popular in Russia, but not well known abroad. Since this show is produced [with an] international, high level of quality, we know that it will appeal to global audiences as well."

Documentary series The Dyatlov Pass Incident, produced by Amur Waves and 1-2-3 Productions, follows the various investigations into the mystery, which has given rise to numerous conspiracy theories. These range from a runaway prisoners' attack to yeti involvement, secret military tests and aliens.

Producer Valeriy Fedorovich said: "The Dyatlov Pass Incident is not just Russia's greatest mystery but also an international media phenomenon. As soon as a new piece of information about it appears in the Russian news, the biggest international news outlets pick it up immediately."

Coproducer Evgeniy Nikishov added: "During the investigation, KGB Major and our protagonist Oleg Kostin studies all the main theories around the tragedy, gradually eliminating them one after another. Our series is a kind of anthology of everything known about the story of Dyatlov Pass. In the finale, the viewers will receive an answer to the key question of what happened to the students on the night of February 2, 1959 on Kholat Syakhl Mountain."

Beta Film is distributing the scripted series, while world sales of the documentary are being handled by Autentic Distribution, the sales division of Autentic.
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