Two Words with Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya

Two Words with Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya
Today we had Two Words with Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya 

1) How did you organize for the next upcoming virtual markets?

Due to the current pandemic, exhibition companies around the world are working hard to create alternatives to physical markets so we will be participating to markets virtually and doing what we do best from the safety of our homes. At Inter Medya, we will continue to grow our international presence at upcoming markets by finding new promotional solutions in the digital world. Surely, the value of being together with our customers is completely different but health is above everything and we hope to reunite with our clients soon in good health!

2) Do you think that your job is going to change? Do we need to re-think the business?
We are all faced with difficult times and it is very hard to foresee what is waiting for us down the line but as long as there is demand and productions continue, I am sure that our business will continue to develop. Quarantining and staying home have had significant effects on content consumption and sooner or later, everyone is adjusting to the new normal. In addition, every sector faces the same challenges, and everyone is trying to find ways to digitalize their business and adapt to a changing and uncertain environment.

3) What are the main titles you are pushing for the next months?

THE AMBASSADOR’S DAUGHTER is among this season’s highly acclaimed series. The series has been licensed in over 50 territories so far and we are certain that interest will continue.
RAMO is another successful drama from our catalogue. Inspired by a real person, Ramo encompasses the deep conflicts of family and love.
THE LIGHT OF HOPE is a daily drama starring Elizabeth Damla Güvenilir, the child actress from the acclaimed ELIF, which carries a strong Turkish DNA, with a story that can appeal to audiences everywhere.
Our successful drama BITTER LANDS was also renewed for its third season. The series has already been licensed in over 55 territories.
In parallel, we are continuously expanding our catalogue with new hits and different genres. This year, we have added successful mini-series to our library including INTERRUPTED. The romantic drama is about a young and idealist journalist named Ozan who loses his life in an unfortunate car crash and his girlfriend Elif, who will go after the people who took Ozan’s life.
MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 is another of our most successful titles. The feature film was watched by 5.2 million moviegoers in Turkey. Set during the early 1980s during Turkey’s coup d’état period, Miracle in Cell No. 7 tells the heartbreaking story of Memo, who lives with his beloved little daughter and grandmother in an Aegean town.