Nippon TV sets to launch a brand-new unscripted format

Nippon TV sets to launch a brand-new unscripted format
Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV), Japan’s leading multiplatform entertainment powerhouse announced the forthcoming launch of new unscripted game show format.

In Piggyback Challenge, couples compete against other pairs while piggybacking their partner as they clear the given tasks such as shopping, jogging or dining within a time limit, in pursuit of their dream prize. As physical exhaustion sets in, can couples keep calm and focus on cooperating to clear the game? Or will extreme pressure bring out the frustration, drama and true characters that can lead to epic falls? If they fall off, they are immediately disqualified. Simple as that.

Mr. Atsushi Sogo, President of International Business Development for Nippon TV, commented, “Our game show formats have been gaining a lot of attention with recent deals such as Block Out, Red Carpet Survival, and Sokkuri Sweets, and we are happy to launch a new gameshow, Piggyback Challenge. It has a great track record on our prime-time entertainment slot, with celebrities piggybacking their partners and competing with other couples. It is a sight you have never seen and fills in the gaps in our hearts to affirm strong bonds with one’s dearest partner, especially during these days of social distancing.”

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