Call For Application for the second annual Drama Series Co-Writing Residency

Call For Application for the second annual Drama Series Co-Writing Residency
Laurence Herszberg, founder and general director of Series Mania and the Series Mania Forum, announced the Call for Applications in France for the second annual Drama Series Co-Writing Residency between Israel and France. The program was initiated by the CNC (Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image animée), France and the GMFF (Gesher Multicultural Film Fund), Israel, in cooperation with the Israeli Scriptwriters Guild, The Israeli Producers Association and the French Embassy in Israel. Series Mania is one of the main partners of the project.

As international collaboration becomes increasingly important in the global TV market, the number of co-productions between our two countries is likely to rise”, commented Herszberg. “More than ever, we need to support emerging talent in France and Israel and foster transnational initiatives that will enhance the quality of television series.”

With a submission deadline of October 5, 2020, The Drama Series Co-Writing Residency will select six projects to take part in the residency. Each project will be carried by a team composed by at least two screenwriters, one from Israel and one from France. A maximum of twelve screenwriters in total will participate in the residency. 

The link for submitting applications is:

The selected participants will take part in two workshops, one in France and one in Israel. The teams will have approximately six months (from December to May) to co-write the full bible of a fiction series. During this period, the selected teams will be trained by experienced tutors with whom they will have regular online exchanges and they will have the opportunity to meet the tutors during the two workshops.

Throughout this process, the participants will also have the opportunity to meet with potential international financial partners. This will occur at the end of the first workshop which coincides with Series Mania Forum in Lille, and again at a final pitching event that will take place in Israel during summer 2021, at the end of the second workshop.
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