Arturino L’amoroso, 13th book of journalist and tv author Aldo Dalla Vecchia

Arturino L’amoroso, 13th book of journalist and tv author Aldo Dalla Vecchia
On Monday August 31 Aldo Dalla Vecchia published his 13th book, Arturino l'amoroso, an intense and delicate short novel that is also a fairy tale and a love story, dedicated to his beloved dachshund, Arturo.

In a historic moment, like ours, in which fortunately sensitivity towards animals is more and more accentuated and the world of four-legged friends is the center of common attention, Aldo Dalla Vecchia decided to write straight, in just two weeks, what is his first instant book, in memory and honor of the one who, for 12 years and 8 months, was his life companion, disappeared suddenly on August 10, 2020.

In the 26 book's chapters, dramatic and funny episodes alternate with everyday situations and other less usual ones, in which many readers will recognize themselves. At the center of the narration, the beautiful and very sweet Arturo.

Arturino l’amoroso, available in eBook format (2.99 euros) and in print (6.99 euros), is released exclusively on Amazon.

About Aldo Dalla Vecchia:

Born in Vicenza in 1968. Television author and journalist for 32 years. He lives in Milan with two cats, Achille and Amerigo, and, until recently, with a dog who thought himself a cat, Arturo.
He would like to spend his life just writing books, but at the moment it is not yet possible. On TV he signed Target, Verissimo, Il Bivio, Cristina Parodi Live, The Chef, In Forma.
Among others he has collaborated with: Corriere della Sera, Epoca, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni and Mistero Magazine.
He has published: Rosa Malcontenta (Sei Editrice, 2013); Specchio Segreto (Sei Editrice, 2014); Vita da giornalaia (Murena Editrice, 2015, and Pegasus, 2020); Amerigo Asnicar, giornalista (Murena Editrice, 2015); Piccola mappa della nostalgia (Pegasus, 2016); Abracadabra - 20 incontri e storie oltre l’ordinario (Pegasus, 2017); La capra crepa - 333 reati linguistici (Pegasus, 2018); Generazione Five - 40 anni di tivù commerciale in figurine (Pegasus, 2018); Abracadabra, lo spettacolo continua - Nuovi incontri e storie oltre l’ordinario (Pegasus, 2019); Mina per neofiti - La vita, la voce, l’arte di una fuoriclasse (, 2020); Vasco l'investigacane (eBook, 2020); La consapevolezza di te (isenzatregua edizioni, 2020); Viva la Franca - Il secolo lieve della Signorina Snob (, 2020), which have won numerous awards.