KMW Global Marathon to be presented on September 14

KMW Global Marathon to be presented on September 14
On September 14, international online forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK Global Marathon will bring together leading experts in the audiovisual industry from all over the world. The global crisis caused by the pandemic has called into question the traditional rules of the game in the current industry landscape, accelerated the dynamics of change, and increased the likelihood of unpredictable factors influencing the media business. It is time to get a sense what the global media market looks like now; what trends determine its operation and what business patterns are viable in the long run.
KMW Global Marathon consolidates expertise of the highest level to learn together how not to drown in the tsunami of change and ride your wave in the new world. So, if you are involved in the TV and film content management, production, distribution and promotion, and your job lays in any area of current media business: formats, series, animation, digital technology, kids content, legislation, international co-production, etc., you should mark September 14 in your schedule and register for KMW Global Marathon.
Victoria Korogod, General Director of “Ukraine” TV Channel: «The Channel has been the partner of many significant KYIV MEDIA WEEK events during the last five years. We support consistently special events dedicated to TV series since the very best scripted formats, among others, have made the Channel #1 in Ukraine. We provide our expertise on market analytics, share our experience in successful international distribution and coproduction experience with the audience. This year we gained a new level of collaboration and become the General Partner of KMW. Nowadays, when audiovisual industry as well as the entire world faces new challenges, we aim to support professional communication to find efficient anti-crisis solutions for the industry in this new reality».
The peculiar feature of this year's KMW is that you can join for free. Moreover, all registered participants will receive a white paper based on the analytical materials of the forum in October. It will include the most interesting analytics, conclusions of presentations and discussions of KMW regional sections, as well as the results of all the studies conducted by the international and local agencies specifically for the forum. For the first time, a comprehensive analysis of the global and Ukrainian media market will go beyond domestic industrial “secret knowledge” and will be available to anyone who wants it.

Exclusively for KMW, international influential agencies and media platforms The WIT, K7 Media, C21 Media, Ampere Analysis, Prensario International, Glance are preparing researches on media markets from Asia to South America. Key events, facts, and figures will complete a relevant picture that will help producers and distributors of content for film and TV to adapt their business strategies to the new conditions, weigh risks and grasp the international directions of their development.
The Ukrainian audiovisual industry is particularly vulnerable to the current challenges, so KMW is particularly focused on the research of the local market. The latest analytics of the Ukrainian audiovisual sector are prepared by the experts from MRM and the informational and analytical platform Media Business Reports (MBR):
• A nationwide survey “How the viewing habits of Ukrainians have changed due to COVID-19 pandemic” – the first in our country comprehensive social research of such scope that has a special value right now when the theatrical distribution gradually resumes its work;
• Analytical review “TV viewing trends in Ukraine” will give Ukrainian media groups, TV productions, players of the advertising market a comprehensive relevant information on needs and tastes of the TV audience and will help foster new high-quality content in the Ukrainian TV space;
• The online survey “Current issues and needs of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry”, will show the current information requests of media market players, the industry’s response to quarantine restrictions, and global economic change. The results of the study are extremely important for modernizing existing business models and building new rules of the game in the industry.
Anastasiya Rahmanina, editor-in-chief of MBR: “We hope that the reviews prepared by MBR specialists will provide Ukrainian players of the media market and the creative community with a better understanding of the current processes and trends in the audiovisual industry. And this, in turn, will help them in the formation of effective anti-crisis strategies. The importance of this is difficult to overestimate, as the changes in the industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are very significant, but experts in the industry do not have a clear understanding of them. To shape this understanding and to build new appropriate strategies, they need fresh research. And such an analysis will be made and presented within the KMW Global Marathon.”
KYIV MEDIA WEEK Global Marathon is organized by Media Resources Management (Ukraine) and supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
“Ukraine” TV Channel is the General Partner of KYIV MEDIA WEEK Global Marathon
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