Filming begins in Trento for Stefano Usardi's new movie Fra Due Battiti

Filming begins in Trento for Stefano Usardi's new movie Fra Due Battiti
Filming begins today on Stefano Usardi’s new movie Fra Due Battiti. Produced by Caterina Francavilla’s FiFilm Production and starring Stefano Scandaletti, Maria Vittoria Barrella, Giulio Cancelli, Stefano Detassis, Federico Vivaldi, Remo Girone, Roberta Da Soller, Lara Balbo with the participation, among others, of Massimiliano Varrese and Valentina Mellis.

Filming will take place between Trento and Riva del Garda and release is expected in 2021.

Giovanni (Stefano Scandaletti) is a young writer who lives in the mansion bequeathed to him by his missing parents. He spends his days wandering around the city in search of new adventures and inspirations. Meanwhile, Mark (Giulio Cancelli), an "atypical" screenwriter, creates him without his knowledge bizarre and exciting fragments of life...

The entire narrative mechanism is supported by the whimsical butler of the house (Remo Girone), who instead spends his days rewriting Schubert’s scores.

Giovanni's only real concern is to write a book on emotions to help Tommaso (Federico Vivaldi) to take over his life and to forgive himself that day that he forgot his daughter in the car putting her life at risk.

Rosa's arrival (Maria Vittoria Barrella), however, breaks the balance and complicates the plot. Giovanni falls madly in love and abandons the project of the book to which he was dedicating himself so intensely.

Finally, when Luca comes on scene (Stefano Detassis), a writer in existential crisis, the continuous alternation between reality and fiction becomes preponderant, making the border between the two increasingly blurred. After all, nothing is as it appears...