Discovery sets new reality series, 100 Days Wild

Discovery sets new reality series, 100 Days Wild
Discovery is lining up a new reality series that sees five people in search of a new life try to survive an Alaskan winter as nomads.

100 Days Wild spotlights a new generation who leave their homes and every creature comfort behind as they set out to take on a vast expanse of Alaska. They must work together to establish a self-sustaining colony where they make their own rules all before winter arrives. The group has never met in person - let alone worked together - before deciding to join one couple who have set up an off-grid outpost in the Tanana Valley (an untamed corner of Alaska 200 miles away from civilization) and are looking for individuals to create their new community. They come from completely different backgrounds, including an Army vet, a sporting goods salesman, a homesteader and a mountain man. They only have 100 days to work together to hunt, gather, and build before the brutal, arctic freeze. They won’t survive winter if they can’t survive each other.

100 Days Wild is produced by Sky Studios-backed New York-based Talos Films. For Talos Films, Julian P. Hobbs, Elli Hakami and Peter Goetz are executive producers. For Discovery, Michael Gara is executive producer and Jessica Mollo is associate producer.

It premieres Friday, August 21pm at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.
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