Journalist Sergio Zavoli died at the age of 96: he was president of Rai for six years

Journalist Sergio Zavoli, died at the age of 96 yesterday in Rome.
Born in Ravenna on 21 September 1923, he transformed the information on TV with programs such as the Process to the stage – created in 1962 and dedicated to the Giro d’Italia – and La notte della Repubblica.

He was the master of Italian journalism and documentary with his unique style: his warm voice, empathy, cultura seriousness and competence.

Zavoli was also presidente of Rai for six years.

Born in Ravenna on September 21, 1923, the young Sergio was grown up in Rimini (like Federico Fellini) a city to which he had remained very close.

He was famous for some important documentaries and programs about current news and politics like La notte della Repubblica focused on the Italian events, interviews and news.