Armoza Formats are travelling to South Africa

Armoza Formats are travelling to South Africa
Armoza Formats, part of ITV Studios, has today announced that South African production company The TVSMITHS has picked up three of their formats for local adaptation: hilarious dating format Queens of Love, studio-based challenge show Double or Nothing and surprise-filled dating show Guys in Disguise.

Developed by Armoza, in Queens of Love (60’), three fabulous queens come to the rescue of a hopeless single who has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Using their wild personalities, our marvelous mentors will pick her up for a night of fun and romance and together they will audition four potential suitors. The queens will cut through the nonsense of a first date and help her on her way to finding love - digging deep with their tough questions and making sure that all secrets are revealed! After each date, they will analyze, discuss and critique the suitor – holding nothing back in their attempt to find “Mr. Right”. At the end of the night, the queens will decide which man is the best fit, helping her break her bad dating streak once-and-for-all!

From Armoza Formats, Studio Glam and NBA Productions, Double or Nothing (60’) is the thrilling, adrenaline-filled studio challenge show that tests if two really are better than one! Every episode sees a pair of contestants take on a variety of crazy and fun challenges to win big money. The game is simple – get a mission and pick an opponent. The opponent will undertake the challenge first, and the couple must decide if they can not only do better than their challenger, but do twice as well! If the couple – working together – loses, they lose the money too! But if they can achieve double the score of their challenger, they will double their stake money! Double the competition, double the challenge, double the money… do you dare to go for the double?

Guys in Disguise (30’), from Artza Productions, Armoza Formats and Roy Even Tov, is a surprise-filled comical dating show that puts the fun back in dating. In each episode one single goes on a date with two secret admirers who have been thinking of her, although she may not have even noticed them! And there's one more catch – they will be dressed in weird and wild costumes, fully disguised from the object of their affections! In a world where looks are often placed above all, she will have to decide who she wants to go out with again before she has seen who they really are. ‘Guys in Disguise’ is a show that proves you can never know what form love will take!
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