Global Agency's CEO Izzet Pinto replies to CJENM on Formatbiz

Global Agency's CEO Izzet Pinto replies to CJENM on Formatbiz
Global Agency's CEO Izzet Pinto replies to CIENM's interview on Formatbiz regarding the controversial formats issue.

TF1’s new entertainment / singing game show “Good Singers” is the new adaptation of “Is That Really Your Voice” created by Mr. İzzet Pinto and registered before the Format Recognition and Protection Association (“FRAPA”) in 2013. “Is That Really Your Voice” is the first known format which is based on guessing contestants’ singing talent by their appearance and hearing them talk, but without hearing their singing voice. The main idea of the format was very original back when it was created in 2013. There were no other formats based on the same idea and it attracted attention during MIPTV in 2014. CJ Entertainment was one of the interested parties, who asked for more information about the format after an MIPTV sales meeting. But then, instead of using Global Agency’s format they have added some rounds to our original idea and announce it as “a new format” with the name “I Can See Your Voice”. The name is notably similar to that of Global Agency’s format and it is clearly based on the same main idea used in “Is That Really Your Voice”, but with some different elements. In any case, Global Agency is the first to come up with this brand-new idea and to see the potential behind it. Today, we are very excited and at the same time proud of the new coming adaptation of our format “Good Singers”.

As the whole industry knows, Global Agency values creativity and has always been promoting new, original ideas. This is evident considering the fact that Global Agency is one of the few who keeps investing in paper formats today. We never engage in activities that could damage our reputation and do not and will not let anyone to do the same.
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