Discovery Italia is the third editor in Italy with a growing audience share

Discovery Italia is the third editor in Italy with a growing audience share
Discovery Reacts is the title of the Discovery 2020-2021 program schedule that presents itself at the debut of the new season, confirming itself as the third national publisher by share, with a rich and compelling programming, a record growth in ratings, a surge in consumption on digital platforms and an ever-increasing capacity to expand its distribution network.
The first half of 2020 is the best ever for the portfolio and also the one that registers the greatest growth compared to all the main broadcasters: 8% of share in 24 hours on individuals with an increase of + 10% compared to last year which reaches 10% on the commercial target 25-54. Prime time also grows with evenings that exceed the average of 9% share.
Record confirmed since an even brighter month of June with the portfolio at 8.5% of individuals and 10.5% on the commercial target 25-54.
Firmly in the top ten of the most watched channels Nine and Real Time, respectively ninth and tenth national channels. Nine at 1.6% in 24 hours, Real Time at 1.5% share and together with the other channels of the group with a female target - Food Network, Giallo and the newest HGTV - collects an overall share on the female target 15-54 by 4.2%. The men's pole also shines with Dmax and Motortrend at 2.8% share on males 25-54. Thanks to the kids, K2 and Frisbee channels, Discovery is the first national publisher on the target 4-10 years with 13% share during the day, an increase of + 13% compared to last year.
Dplay, the group's OTT service, marks a real surge: 3 million average users per month, up 74% compared to last year and a Dplay Plus subscriber base more than doubled in recent months.
Alessandro Araimo, CEO of Discovery Italy: “We close the best half-year ever in terms of audience, with relative performance superior to all our competitors. This means reacting - React - for us at Discovery, but this also means the beginning of a new phase, of recovery, which we hope will be adequately rewarded not only by a valuable audience still growing, but also by a return important investment in advertising on all our media which, in such a difficult phase, have demonstrated extraordinary strength and quality above average. An editorial strength demonstrated by the innovative ability to launch and affirm during each season, as we will still do in the future, our formats and talents. And the big news on linear television will be accompanied by a further acceleration on the on demand front with new great exclusive premium content on DPlay Plus and new distribution agreements with important partners that will bring our OTT service to all devices and homes of Italian "
Laura Carafoli, SVP Chief Content Officer: "We never stopped, during the lockdown we reacted by launching new content and strengthening the offer on linear channels and on the non-linear Dplay platform. We stand out for the ability to intercept trends and the spirit of the time and this has always been our strength. The success and excellent results of this period identify even more our character and our vision, that of being contemporary and distinctive, capable of establishing a relationship that is ever closer and more engaging "
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