CJ ENM sends ‘When My Love Blooms’ to Israel

CJ ENM sends ‘When My Love Blooms’ to Israel
CJ ENM has secured a deal with Israeli leading broadcaster Viva Plus (owned by Dori Media Group) for the romantic drama series When My Love Blooms. The series will air in October of 2020.

Previously CJ ENM has also worked with Dori Media in Israel to license hit dramas such as Stranger, Encounter and Familiar Wife.

Ryan Kim, sales manager of CJ ENM says “When My Love Blooms is a story that can fit in well in any culture considering no violence but a realistic story about hopeless love. We are hoping that through this deal we can continue our relationship with Dori Media and to expand the scope of Korean dramas in Israel and adjacent countries.”

When My Love Blooms is the story of a couple, now in their forties, who once shared a blooming young love when they first met in college. The story beautifully alternates its storyline between the characters’ past college days and the present day, focusing on how lost love is not going to be easy to revive.

When My Love Blooms is also available worldwide through VIKI, iQIYI, VIU and more.
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