TOP 10 IN ITALY | June 14-20

TOP 10 IN ITALY | June 14-20
L = Last episode
P = Premiere
R = Rerun episode

On Sunday June 14, Rai 1 premiered new game show Top Dieci (4 episodes) hosted by Carlo Conti, it won the prime time slot and started with 3.969 viewers (19.2%); the show is based on the format Top Ten of Monster Entertainment and distributed by NENT Studios UK. Talk shows of the night: Canale 5 with Live - Non È la D’Urso (produced by Videonews) recorded 1.971 viewers (12.1%) and La7 with Non è l’Arena achieved 1.219 viewers (6.9%). Rai 3 docu series Storie Maledette closed with 1.408 viewers (6.6%); Nove rerun cooking Little Big Italy (produced by Banijay Italia) recorded 1.6%; Giallo French detective series Profiling scored 478.000 viewers (2.3%).

On Monday June 15, Rai 1 rerun detective series Il Giovane Montalbano – Capodanno (Ita. The Young Montalbano) won the prime time slot with 5.244 viewers (23.4%) while Canale 5 rerun game show Ciao Darwin 7 scored 2.534 viewers (14.2%). La7 special episode of talk show L’Aria che Tira achieved 782.000 viewers (3.6%); Nove rerun French detective series Profiling scored 182.000 viewers (0.7%); Rai Storia documentary È L’Italia Bellezza with Francesca Fialdini started with 113.000 viewers (0.4%).

On Tuesday June 16, Rai 1 rerun drama series Nero a Metà scored 3.091 viewers (13.7%) while Canale 5 movie Cado dalle Nubi scored 2.247 viewers (10.5%). Rai 2 premiered new edition of entertainment show Made in Sud (6 episodes produced by Tunnel Produzioni) hosted by Stefano De Martino and Fatima Trotta started with 2.121 viewers (9.9%), this is better debut than the last one aired on March 4, 2019 when it recorded 1.955 viewers (9.3%). Italia 1 talk Le Iene Show achieved 1.686 viewers (10.2%); Sky Uno late night show EPCC Live (produced by Fremantle) closed with 108.000 viewers (0.4%); Real Time dating show Primo Appuntamento (eng. First Dates - produced by Stand By Me) scored 491.000 viewers (2%).

On Wednesday June 17, Rai 1 the final of football match of Coppa Italia Napoli-Juventus won prime time slot with very big result, 10.202 viewers (39.6%) with pick at 10:39pm of 10.880.789 viewers (40.52%) while Canale 5 movie The Descendants recorded 2.496 viewers (10.4%). Rai 3 talk show Chi l’ha visto? scored 1.801 viewers (7.9%).

On Thursday June 18, Rai 1 rerun drama series Che Dio ci Aiuti 5 won prime time slot with 2.650 viewers (13%) while Canale 5 medical drama series New Amsterdam 2 recorded 1.869 viewers (10.4%). Sky Uno cooking show Alessandro Borghese - 4 Ristoranti (produced by Banijay Italia) achieved 288.000 viewers (1.2%); Nove cooking show Restaurant Swap – Cambio Ristorante (produced by Banijay Italia) with Gino D’Acampo scored 306.000 viewers (1.3%); Rai 3 premiered factual Ogni Cosa è Illuminata (produced by CPTV Rai) which achieved 609.000 viewers (2.9%).

On Friday June 19, Rai 1 game show Top Dieci won prime time slot with 3.803 viewers (19.1%) while Canale 5 rerun talent show Tu Si Que Valès (produced by Fascino PGT) recorded 2.280 viewers (14.9%). Nove one man show Fratelli di Crozza scored 1.378 viewers (6.2%). Reruns: TV8 talent Italia’s Got Talent – Best of (produced by Fremantle) 1.9% and Real Time cooking Cake Star 1.37%. In the late night, new original TV8 production Venti20, I vent’anni del 2000 hosted by Alessio Viola (Sky TG24 journalist and new face of the channel) with the aim of retracing and revisiting the events that start millennium marked an era, which defining our present; it scored 194.000 viewers (1.6%).

On Saturday June 13, head to head between main channels of Rai and Mediaset with reruns. Rai 1 rerun variety Vent’Anni che siamo Italiani with Vanessa Incontrada and GigiD’Alessio scored 2.298 viewers (13.1%) while Canale 5 rerun game show Ciao Darwin 7 recorded 2.367 viewers (14.8%). In the afternoon Rai 1 factual entertainment show Amore in Quarantena (produced by Stand By Me) closed with 977.000 viewers (8.4%).

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