TOP 10 IN ITALY | June 7-13

TOP 10 IN ITALY | June 7-13
L = Last episode
P = Premiere
R = Rerun episode

On Sunday June 7, Rai 1 rerun comedy drama series Non dirlo al mio Capo with Vanessa Incontrada and Lino Guanciale, won the prime time slot with 2.989 viewers (14%). Talk shows of the night: Canale 5 with Live - Non È la D’Urso (produced by Videonews) recorded 1.882 viewers (11.4%) and La7 with Non è l’Arena achieved 1.424 viewers (7.8%). Rai 3 premiered the 18th season of docu series Storie Maledette with the journalist Franca Leosini which started with 1.420 viewers (6.2%); Nove rerun cooking Little Big Italy (produced by Banijay Italia) recorded 2.2%.

On Monday June 8, Rai 1 rerun detective series Il Giovane Montalbano – Capodanno (Ita. The Young Montalbano) won the prime time slot with 4.866 viewers (21.7%) while Canale 5 movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom scored 1.874 viewers (10%). Rai 2 broadcast one man show Striminzitic Show (it will continue in late night on the same network) with Renzo Arbore which recorded 1.194 viewers (5.4%); Rai 3 news current show Report achieved a good record: 2.481 viewers (10.3%); Nove French rerun detective series Profiling scored 265.000 viewers (1.1%).

On Tuesday June 9, Rai 1 charity and music event Con il Cuore – Nel nome di Francesco live from Assisi with Carlo Conti and Gianni Morandi won pt slow with 3.209 viewers (14.2%) while Canale 5 Spanish historical drama series La Cattedrale del Mare (eng. The Cathedral of the Sea) closed with 2.387 viewers (11.2%). Italia 1 talk Le Iene Show achieved 1.975 viewers (11.1%); Sky Uno late night show EPCC Live (produced by Fremantle) recorded 146.000 viewers (0.5%); Real Time new episode of dating show Primo Appuntamento (eng. First Dates - produced by Stand By Me) scored 586.000 viewers (2.2%). In the afternoon, Canale 5 dating Uomini e Donne closed the season with big record of 2.690 viewers (20%).

On Wednesday June 10, Canale 5 rerun talent show Tu Si Que Vales scored 2.777 viewers (18.54%) while Rai 1 rerun drama series Nero a Metà scored 3.493 viewers (13.93%) in the first episode and 2.928 viewers (14.49%) in the second. Rai 3 talk show Chi l’ha visto? scored 2.021 viewers (9.34%); Italia 1 broadcast the documentary rEsistiamo – Diari dalla quarantena which scored only 494.000 viewers (2.13%). At 2:45 on Canale 5 debuted new Turkish romantic series DayDreamer - Le Ali del Sogno (tur. Erkenci Kuş - 153x45-50’ - produced by Gold Film) with Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir with 2.858 - 20.65%.

On Thursday June 11, Rai 1 rerun drama series Che Dio ci Aiuti 5 won prime time slot with a poor 2.552 viewers (12.08%) while Canale 5 medical drama series New Amsterdam 2 recorded 2.227 viewers (10.39%). Rai 2 documentary Petrolio – Senza Respiro (produced by Rai Documentari) achieved 1.001 viewers (4.29%); Sky Uno cooking show Alessandro Borghese - 4 Ristoranti (produced by Banijay Italia) achieved 296.000 viewers (1.2%). Nove premiered cooking show Restaurant Swap – Cambio Ristorante (produced by Banijay Italia) with Gino D’Acampo which started with 413.000 viewers (1.7%) while on Real Time it recorded 271.000 viewers (1.12%), in simulcast on Nove, RealTime, FoodNetwork e Dmax (and on each version of +1 channel) it recorded 994.000 viewers (4.1%).

On Friday June 12, on Rai 1 sport is back with football match of Coppa Italia Juventus-Milan which won prime time slot with big record, 8.277 viewers (34%) while Canale 5 cult movie Notting Hill recorded 2.009 viewers (9.4%). Nove one man show Fratelli di Crozza scored 1.010 viewers (4.1%); TV8 rerun talent Italia’s Got Talent – Best of (produced by Fremantle) 2.4%.

On Saturday June 13, Rai 1 football match of Coppa Italia Napoli-Inter won prime time slot with big record, 7.119 viewers (32.3%) while Canale 5 movie The Bodyguard recorded 1.864 viewers (9.2%). In the afternoon Rai 1 factual entertainment show Amore in Quarantena (produced by Stand By Me) scored 1.081 viewers (8.8%).

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