TOP 10 IN ITALY | May 24-30

TOP 10 IN ITALY | May 24-30
L = Last episode
P = Premiere
R = Rerun episode

On Sunday May 24, Rai 1 last rerun episodes of drama series L’Allieva 2 (eng. The Pupil) based on the novel of Alessia Gazzola, won the prime time slot and closed with 4.323 viewers (18.3%). Talk shows of the night: Canale 5 with Live - Non È la D’Urso (produced by Videonews) recorded 2.100 viewers (12.3%) and La7 with Non è l’Arena achieved 1.366 viewers (7.1%). Rai 2 talk Che Tempo Che Fa (produced by L’Officina) closed with 2.055 viewers (8.2%) after 33 episodes. Nove rerun cooking Little Big Italy (produced by Banijay Italia) recorded 1.8%.

On Monday May 25, Rai 1 still leader with the rerun detective series Il Commissario Montalbano – Un covo di vipere (Ita. Inspector Montalbano) which won the prime time slot with 5.677 viewers (24.8%) while Academy awards winning movie Gladiator on Canale 5 scored 2.568 viewers (13.5%). Rai 3 news current show Report achieved a good record with 2.158 viewers (8.6%). In late night, Rai 3 docuseries Fame D’Amore (produced by Ballandi) scored 713.000 viewers (4.2%).

On Tuesday May 26, Rai 1 still leader with the rerun detective series Il Commissario Montalbano – Come voleva la prassi (Ita. Inspector Montalbano) which won the prime time slot with 4.879 viewers (20.9%) while Canale 5 Spanish historical drama series La Cattedrale del Mare (eng. The Cathedral of the Sea) scored 2.635 viewers (11.5%). Italia 1 talk Le Iene Show achieved 1.906 viewers (10.2%). Sky Uno late night show EPCC Live (produced by Fremantle) recorded 130.000 viewers and 0.5% of share (166.000 viewers considering +1 version of the channel, reruns and On Demand). Real Time rerun dating show Primo Appuntamento (eng. First Dates - produced by Stand By Me) scored 1.2%.

On Wednesday May 27, head to head between main channels of Rai and Mediaset. Canale 5 rerun talent show Tu Si Que Vales scored 3.023 viewers (17.2%) while Rai 1 rerun drama series Nero a Metà scored 3.151 viewers (13.8%). Rai 2 variety Poco di Tanto (produced by Ballandi Multimedia) with Maurizio Battista scored 776.000 viewers (3.1%); Rai 3 talk show Chi l’ha visto? scored 1.913 viewers (8.5%); Nove docu reality Wife Swap (ita. Cambio Moglie - produced by Banijay Italia) scored 545.000 viewers (2.1%). At 11:30pm, Rai 2 show Revolution – Stories from the Future (branded entertainment content produced by Next14 for Peugeot with Rai Pubblicità) achieved 342.000 viewers (2.2%).

On Thursday May 28, Rai 1 last episode of drama series Vivi e Lascia Vivere won prime time slot and closed with 6.453 viewers (27.1%) while Canale 5 Italian movie Femmine contro Maschi achieved 2.268 viewers (9.8%). Sky Uno cooking show Alessandro Borghese - 4 Ristoranti (produced by Banijay Italia) achieved 274.099 viewers (1.03%).

On Friday May 29, Rai 1 rerun TV movie Il Figlio della Luna recorded 3.164 viewers (13.48%) while Canale 5 charity version of talent show Amici Speciali - Con TIM insieme per l’Italia (9:37pm - 1:11am) recorded 3.005 viewers (16.65%), leader in commercial target with 18.26% and, moreover, it scored 28.05% in young demo 15-19yo. Nove one man show Fratelli di Crozza scored 1.362 viewers (5.39%). Rete 4 talk show Quarto Grado closed its season with 1.414 viewers (7.26%). The reruns: TV8 talent Italia’s Got Talent – Best of (produced by Fremantle) 2.51% and Real Time cooking Cake Star (produced by Banijay Italia) 1.02%.

On Saturday May 30, Canale 5 rerun gameshow Ciao Darwin 7 won prime time slot with 3.538 viewers (18.1%) while competitor Rai 1 broadcast rerun one man show Gigi, questo sono io (produced by CPTV Rai and Ballandi Entertainment) which scored 2.389 viewers (12.3%). In the afternoon Rai 1 premiered factual entertainment series Amore in Quarantena (produced by Stand By Me) which started with 1.321 viewers (9.5%), 4 episodes hosted by Gabriele Corsi are focused on the stories conceived during the covid-19 pandemic.

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